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47 Meters Down: Caged” HH

Four teenage girls are scuba diving in the ruins of an underwater Mayan city when a Great White Shark begins stalking them and they must find their way out with their air supplies dwindling. Rated PG-13.

Showing: AMC Classic 10, RED Cinema

“Aladdin” HH

A boy and a high-ranking government official both want a lamp that has a genie (Will Smith) who will make their wishes come true. Directed by Guy Ritchie. Rated PG.

Showing: Marketplace

Angel has Fallen” H½

After being framed for trying to assassinate the president, Mike Banning has to circumvent the Secret Service and FBI to clear his name and find out what is really going on. Gerard Butler, Piper Perabo and Morgan Freeman star. Rated R.

Showing: Grand 18, RED Cinema, AMC Hanes 12, Two Rivers Cinema, Starmount

Don’t Let Go” HH

A man believes his family has been murdered, but he receives a phone call from his niece. Rated R.

Showing: Grand 18

Dora and the Lost City of Gold” HH

Dora and her friends search for her parents and try to solve the mystery of the Lost City of Gold. Rated PG.

Showing: AMC Classic 10

The Farewell” HHH

Awkwafina stars in this comedy about family dynamics as a Chinese family hides a grandmother’s terminal prognosis from her. Rated PG.

Showing: Aperture

Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw” HH½

The scene-stealing supporting characters from the “Fast & Furious” franchise get their own movie, full of bickering, action, and fighting Idris Elba. Rated PG-13

Showing: Grand 18, AMC Classic 10, RED Cinema

“Good Boys” HHH

Three sixth-grade boys skip school and end up with a cache of drugs from a group of teenage girls who chase them. All the while, they are trying to get home in time for a party. Rated R.

Showing: Grand 18, AMC Classic 10, Starmount, Two Rivers Cinema, RED Cinema

“Honeyland” HH

A female beekeeper has to deal with a nomadic group of beekeepers that threaten her livelihood. Not rated.

Showing: Aperture

It Chapter Two” HH

The members of the Loser’s Club have grown up and moved away until something summons them back to town. Rated R.

Showing: Grand 18, AMC Hanes 12, AMC Classic 10, RED Cinema, Starmount, Liberty Theatre

The Lion King” HH½

A lion prince learns about responsibility after his father, the lion king, is killed. Live action remake of the Disney cartoon. Rated PG.

Showing: Grand 18, AMC Hanes 12, AMC Classic 10, RED Cinema

“Luce” HHH

A couple adopted a child from Eritrea, a war-torn country in East Africa. He is an academically gifted high school student but a teacher discovers something that may change everything for them. Rated R.

Showing: Aperture

Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood” HHH½

A fading actor and his sidekick/stuntman/chauffeur (Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt) struggle in the movie business in 1969, the year that changed Hollywood. Directed by Quentin Tarantino. Rated R.

Showing: RED Cinema

“Overcomer” HH

A high school football coach is asked to coach cross-country, also. One of his runners is trying to make it to the biggest race of the year. Rated PG.

Showing: Grand 18, AMC Hanes 12, Two Rivers Cinema, Starmount

The Peanut Butter Falcon” HHH

Zak (Zack Gottsagen), a young man with Down syndrome has dreams of becoming a wrestler. He meets Tyler (Shia LeBouf), a small-time crook and together they start on an adventure to get Zak to a wrestling school. Along the way, they convince Eleanor (Dakota Johnson), who has her own back-story, to join them. Rated PG-13.

Showing: Aperture, Grand 18, RED Cinema

Ready or Not” H

A newlywed joins her husband’s strange family in a terrifying game of survival. Rated R.

Showing: Grand 18, AMC Classic 10, RED Cinema

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark” HH½

A group of teenagers discover a book of scary stories written by a girl who knows terrible secrets. Rated PG-13.

Showing: Grand 18, AMC Classic 10, RED Cinema

The Secret Life of Pets 2” HHH

Max’s life has changed a lot. Katie is married and has a baby. Max decides he needs to clear his head, so he goes to a ranch where he meets a tough, no-nonsense dog named Rooster. The other pets have various missions they are working on. Rated PG.

Showing: Marketplace

Spider-Man: Far from Home” HHH

Spider-Man must save the world. Rated PG-13.

Showing: Grand 18, AMC Classic 10, RED Cinema

Tel Aviv on Fire” HH

Salam, a Palestinian man becomes a writer on a soap opera after meeting an Israeli soldier. But, he finds himself caught in the middle after the soldier and the financial people disagree. Not rated.

Showing: Aperture

Vita and Virginia” HH

The story of socialite and writer Vita Sackville-West and the legendary Virginia Woolf. Not rated.

Showing: Marketplace

“Yesterday” HH

After recovering from an accident, a man finds himself in an alternate universe where no one has heard of The Beatles. Rated PG-13.

Showing: Marketplace

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