Heartfelt gratitude

My thanks to Thomas Snell and Kenneth Baker for their letters in the Readers Forum on Oct. 28 (“A treasure;” “Word police”). After all of the hearsay and untruths written about our president, Donald Trump, it was refreshing to read some expressions of heartfelt gratitude from men who had their facts together.

I am also reminded of a letter in the Readers Forum several months ago which stated, in effect, that the reason we conservatives don’t write as many letters as the liberals do is because we do our talking at the ballot box. Trump will have the two votes of this household in 2020 if that privilege is afforded us again.

I am also weary of a few people dictating policy, as was recently manifested with the changing of the name of the Dixie Classic Fair. How far can we go with this nonsense?

I have a sister named Dixie and I live in Dixie. May her tribe increase.

R. Leroy Pack



President Trump is always whining about leakers. But he wants the name of the whistleblower leaked? He’s demanding it? I literally cannot think of a better example of hypocrisy.

Oh, wait; yes I can.

Sen. Rand Paul says he knows the name of the whistleblower, but he wants the media to reveal it. I guess he doesn’t want to see headlines like, “Sen. Paul reveals whistleblower identity.” He knows it’s illegal to reveal the name of a whistleblower and he doesn’t have the guts to break the law himself, so he wants to bully his enemy into doing it.

In 2014, Paul told the press that he was trying to think of ways to “expand the whistleblower statute to government contractors.”

“We’ve got so many millions of government contractors that when they see something wrong, they should be able to report it without repercussions,” he said.

Yes, that’s a better example of hypocrisy. Barely.

Do Republican leaders have any principles at all anymore? Or is it all about saving their skin?

Lonnie Burshinsky



I am disgusted by everything we’re learning about President Trump and his minions and their trashy behavior.

The president’s personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, should not be involved in foreign policy — he interferes with the professionals and his involvement deepens the likelihood that Trump is using it for his own political gain (i.e. “quid pro quo”). Giuliani certainly should not be undermining official government policy conducted by actual U.S. ambassadors like Marie Yovanovitch (“Envoy: I was told to ‘watch my back’,” Nov. 5). The whole thing smacks of corruption.

Yovanovitch was betrayed not only by Trump, but by the head of her agency, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who would not defend her. Pompeo also declined to defend Yovanovitch’s replacement, war veteran William B. Taylor Jr., when Trump attacked him.

Do Trump’s defenders think this is OK? There’s not a single one of them who would appreciate being undermined by their own boss the way Pompeo has been undermining his staff — and just for doing their jobs, promoting U.S. interests.

Trump and Pompeo have demoralized a whole department of people who have devoted themselves to serving the United States abroad, just to promote Trump’s self-serving, discredited conspiracy theory of Ukraine election interference.

Conservatives say that Democrats in the U.S. House are trying to undo the 2016 election, but it’s Trump who can’t let it go, who can’t accept that he lost the popular vote, and he’s tearing the country apart because of it.

Alan Hudson


He promised

Are President Trump’s supporters not in the slightest bit disturbed by the fact that Trump is fighting all the way up to the Supreme Court to keep his tax returns a secret? He promised he would release them, but this is one promise he’s determined to break. What is he trying to hide?

Terri Thorne


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