If you’re into food and live in Winston-Salem, you know about Richard Miller. He grew up here, but he made a name for himself at Graze, the former restaurant at the downtown Marriott.

After a catering stint, he’s back in the city center commanding the kitchen at Butcher & Bull, a new steakhouse where the cuts range from an $18 hanger to an $89 tomahawk. But the restaurant’s menu is diverse enough to show off Miller’s prowess, including a lunch menu ranging from poke bowls to tacos. The dinner menu is where Miller really shines with plating and flavor, and a brunch offering will soon follow.

1. When did you get into cooking?

“I got into the restaurant business when I was around 16. It was a high school job. I originally wanted to be a doctor, believe it or not, but working in restaurants pretty much my whole life, I kind of fell in love with the industry. I love the fast pace; it changes so quickly. Not one minute is the same.”

2. You’re from Winston-Salem. What keeps you here?

“I love what Winston has become and is becoming. Downtown really wasn’t anything when I was growing up, but over the years it’s really started blossoming into a cool, artistic city. It hasn’t gotten big too fast. I see a ton of potential in Winston. All the chefs downtown, we all know each other. We help each other out. My family’s here. All those things keep me based in Winston right now.”

3. Where did you learn to cook?

“I picked up a lot of it just working in kitchens. I remember always asking growing up, “What are we doing for dinner tomorrow?” My mom was always a great cook, my grandmother was always a great cook, and my great aunt was always a great cook, so it’s kind of in my blood. I went to school for it up in Asheville. Then I moved back to Winston and finished up at Guilford Tech.”

4. How would you describe the style of your cooking?

“I love real, clean flavors. I tend to throw little Southern elements in my dishes. I grew up eating a lot of deep Southern cooking, so I like to pay homage to my roots whenever I can. I like to layer flavors a lot so there’s one flavor that’s right up front when you first take a bite, and then the more you eat, more flavors start to come out.”

5. Now you’re head chef at Butcher & Bull. I think we need to talk about the 40 ounce tomahawk steak.

“It’s a beast. I’ve seen one person order it and they ate it no problem. I’ve seen four people get it and share it. We take it off the bone, slice it, and fan it out really nice in the back. It’s great to share for a four-top. When it goes out in the restaurant, I call it “the fajita effect,” sort of like when you’re in a Mexican restaurant and you see the fajita go by.”

BONUS: What are some other dishes people absolutely can’t miss?

“You’ve definitely got to get the bison carpaccio. That’s a killer dish and probably won’t go off the menu. And probably our tuna. Our tuna’s got a togarashi spice on it, so there’s a little bit of heat right off the bat. Then we pair it with creamed corn and chorizo. We add some chimichurri and then top it with a little Geechie Boy popcorn. It adds a bit of a fun, playful texture, but also it ties in the creamed corn with a functional garnish.”

Visit online for more information or stop by 425 N. Cherry Street. Find the restaurant on Facebook or Instagram for details about upcoming events, menu specials, and more.

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