Dogs are great at providing a little TLC, but what happens when they get sick and money is tight?

That’s where The Sergei Foundation steps in.

The nonprofit helps companion dogs and cats get needed veterinary care locally and throughout North Carolina, and their annual fundraiser is right around the corner.

Slated for Saturday, May 18 at the Winston-Salem Fairgrounds, the Triad Dog Games fundraiser has assisted more than 4,000 people and their pets through coordinated care, resources, and financial help made possible only by donations. Whether an experienced dog competitor, a rescue pet-parent looking to try some fun activities, or a sans-pet family looking for a fun Saturday activity, Triad Dog Games has something for everyone.

“Most people don’t have an opportunity to see the dock, disc, or flyball events in person if they aren’t in the competing dog-sport world,” says Karen Fullerton, founder and CEO of The Sergei Foundation. “Triad Dog Games opens this up to the public and lets you see these amazing dogs and their handlers in action. Of course, people also just like to have a fun, dog-friendly place to go with the family as well.”

Some of the competitions include:

Dock jumping. During the dock jumping competition, dogs run and jump from a fenced trailer dock into an above-ground pool that holds approximately 20,000 gallons of water. Beginners are more than welcome to enter.

UpDog Challenge. New this year, the UpDog Challenge combines both disc and agility talent in five games throughout the day. Don’t miss freestyle disc — dogs and handlers perform creative, acrobatic maneuvers choreographed to music. In-between games, kids can learn to throw a Frisbee to a competing dog in the Pet Suites’ Train the Trainer activity.

Flyball. A sanctioned event through the North American Flyball Association, watch regional teams and their lightning-fast dogs race against each other — over hurdles — to a spring box that releases a tennis ball to be relayed to the next dog in line. Flyball is the only inside event.

In addition, attendees can try agility obstacles and a lure practice course (Fast CAT), practice a timed agility run, or get training tips from professional dog trainers. Race your small dog in the Doggy “Daches” races, which is for dogs 20 pounds and under. Lastly, the Fairgrounds is hosting a 5k dog walk/run before doors open for the events. Free entry to the Triad Dog Games is included with purchase of race registration.

“Offering compassion and support to pet moms, dads, and children who love their pet like family is just as rewarding as saving the life of their dog or cat who has so much more life yet to live,” Fullerton says.

For more information on all events, vendor costs, and registration links, visit or

Want to Go?

Triad Dog Games

Where: Winston-Salem Fairgrounds

When: Saturday, May 18

Time: 10 a.m.–3 p.m.

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