Moravian sugar and ginger spice cookies. Visit Winston-Salem's new Moravian Cookie Trail lets you explore the Twin City's tasty history. 

Impossibly thin and incredibly addictive, Moravian cookies date back to the early settlers in Salem, who brought the recipe over from their native Germany more than 250 years ago. They’ve been called the “world’s thinnest cookie” because of their diminutive size, measuring around one millimeter in height and two inches in diameter.

Today, the cookie is close to becoming a North Carolina state symbol. In May, the N.C. House voted 115-0 to approve the bill; it later went before the Senate and passed a first reading.

More than a million pounds of these Moravian treats are made each year in Forsyth County, making the Twin City the epicenter of Moravian cookie production. Flavors range from the best-selling sugar to the traditional “ginger spice” to newer varieties such as lemon, pumpkin, chocolate — even key lime pie.

As a nod to our city’s favorite treat, the staff at Visit Winston-Salem have created a virtual “Moravian Cookie Trail” that connects some of the city’s sweetest spots, including Dewey’s Bakery, Winkler Bakery, and Mrs. Hanes Moravian Cookie Factory (among others). The trail is one of three Moravian-themed culinary tours rolled out in recent months — the others being a “Chicken Pie Trail” and a “Sugar Cake Trail.” And because the trails are virtual and continuously updated, you can start and stop wherever you please.

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