Victorian ingenuity. Jule Körner didn’t intend to stun his neighbors with his experimental mansion full of quirks, charms, and enchantments — but he did. The interior and furniture designer’s Victorian home features 22 rooms spread out over three floors and seven levels. Additionally, no two doorways or windows are the same, and the ceiling heights range from 5 to 25 feet.

There are pivoting windows, a unique air distribution system, cubbyholes, and trap doors. The entrance has the building’s name, “Körner’s Folly,” set in tile on the front porch.

In 1880, he opened the home to the public for a reception, and locals and transients alike have visited it ever since. When Körner died in 1924, there was a new set of renovation plans on his drawing table. Seemed his work wasn’t quite finished.

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