A nursing instructor shows students how to care for a patient at the North Carolina Baptist Hospital in the 1940s. The students affectionately called this mannequin Miss Chase.

After its construction in 1923, North Carolina Baptist Hospital was home to a nursing school. The building, called Old Main, held 88 beds, and nurses lived on the top fifth floor.

Within a few years, the program needed more residency space, so the Blanche Burrus Nurses’ Home, now the Progressive Care building, was built in 1928. Instructors used mannequins in the basement classroom to teach patient care. The mannequin in this photo, dating to the 1940s, was affectionately named Miss Chase.

Bowman Gray School of Medicine was built next to Old Main in 1941, and the hospital was demolished in 1978 due to fire code violations. A memorial was held on Oct. 11 so those involved in its development could say goodbye one last time.

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