CTC 2020

Cross Training Couture, a faith-based athleisure wear company in the Twin City, believes in putting God on a tank top as a way to build fellowship and a love of exercise among friends. 

Michelle Myers needed a mantra, and she shortly found solace in ‘Fitness is my Witness.’

The tagline would go on to help her overcome an eating disorder, freeing her to share her personal story as inspiration for others. It would also go on to be the main tagline for Myers’ new business, Cross Training Couture (CTC), an e-commerce, faith-based athleisure wear company based here in Winston-Salem.

“Our focus is on faith and fitness apparel. Too often fitness apparel encourages messages of ambition and selfish gain, or is overly focused on humor,” says Emily Saunders, who took over managing the operations of CTC for Myers in 2018. “Our mission is to put God’s truth on a tank. We want to challenge our customers to engage in conversations about their faith in Jesus when questioned about what their shirts mean.”

After struggling with an eating disorder for four years, Myers looked to God to restore her physical and spiritual health. In 2013, when she couldn’t find any inspiring workout apparel, she started CTC. Her vision was to have her clothing line inspire other women and allow them to share their faith through fitness.

“We also want to remind our customers of who they are and whose they are,” Saunders says. “The world constantly makes us question our worth as women, and we want to reinforce the truth of what God says about our bodies and our purpose.”

The CTC team is comprised of a motivating group of local women. They’re not only team members, but close friends.

“All of our team members were my friends before they were team members,” Saunders says. “I’m beyond grateful for the energy and excitement that they bring to Cross Training Couture.”

Each team member plays a vital role in the business. Gena Hargis is in charge of warehouse management and inventory fulfillment. Taryn McGarry runs all social media for the business. Meanwhile, Becky Koch is head of their influencer program.

While not running CTC, Saunders is also co-founder of two other local companies, Raise Them Well (alongside her husband) and Momsanity (alongside her business partner, Debbie Baisden).

“I absolutely love my eventful life from helping lead three businesses to spending time with my large family. My husband and I have four sons: Adler (age 7), Hutch (age 4) and two foster sons (ages 5 and 19 months),” she says. “We love being involved in our Winston-Salem community, especially through organizations that serve our community and our church, Redemption Hill.”

To learn more about Cross Training Couture, visit crosstrainingcouture.com.

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