Rosie, a miniature dachshund at Wise Man Brewing.

Last year, area breweries and taprooms got hit with a notice from the Forsyth County Department of Public Health: Dogs weren’t allowed in establishments that serve beverages in glassware.

The law wasn’t new — it’s existed at the state level for a while — but its enforcement at the local level was, much to the consternation of pet lovers who’d previously brought their four-legged companions with them.

There are a couple of exceptions. Private clubs (like Hoots Beer Co.) — even those that require a $1 annual membership — and tax-exempt organizations get a pass, as well as places that serve drinks in plastic cups (like Juggheads).

In February, Wise Man Brewing shared a Change.org petition on their Facebook page to allow dogs back into breweries. The petition had garnered almost 5,500 signatures by April.

Despite the law, Radar Brewing and many other local breweries and taprooms will continue to serve beer in glassware.

“It’s the best experience for the customer,” says Eric Peck, Radar’s taproom manager. “Glass shape enhances foam retention, more intensely captures volatiles, and adds to the sensory experience.”

So where can you currently take your canines when you go out? Here are a few ideas:

Hoots Beer Co.: Inside and patio

Juggheads: Inside and patio

Wise Man Brewing: Beer garden and patio

Fiddlin’ Fish Brewing: Patio

Joymongers Brewing Co.: Patio

Incendiary Brewing: Patio

Foothills Brewpub & Tasting Room: Patios

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