IFB Solutions is a multifaceted organization that employs 1,000 people — and more than 500 of them are blind. The bulk of IFB’s contracts are with the U.S. government through the AbilityOne Program and National Industries for the Blind, which help address the nearly 70 percent unemployment rate among the blind, driven by lack of job opportunities. It operates a Community Low Vision Center, an optical shop, as well as a mattress store at its North Point campus.

Twenty200 Optical Shop

While 20/20 is perfect vision, 20/200 is the threshold for legal blindness. Bring your prescription to IFB’s optical shop, knowing that you can purchase glasses made here by IFB Solutions employees. Contacts are also available for sale.

Community Low Vision Center

Low vision is defined as vision that can’t be corrected by wearing corrective lenses or surgery, and it affects people of all ages. These centers (there are two others in North Carolina, as well as a mobile unit) offer exams, products such as magnifiers and talking watches, and training. It’s open Mon-Fri, 8 a.m.–4 p.m.

Mattress Center

IFB makes mattresses of all sizes, many of which are purchased for Navy cargo ships and colleges and universities in North Carolina. There is a small store, located next to Twenty200 Optical Shop, where the public can purchase mattresses. If you take a tour of IFB Solutions, you’ll see employees’ guide dogs resting comfortably on mattresses designed just for them. Schedule your group tour online

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