Katie Rodgers poses with the target after hitting the bull’s-eye with her ax at Tap That Axe in Clemmons. 

Tap That Axe was kind enough to show me around and offer me a free throwing session.

When I stepped inside, I was immediately greeted by a friendly host who gave me the grand tour, and eventually, I sat down with the owner, Mike Citro. He smiled big, and began to tell stories of his journey into the world of ax-throwing.

When the talking subsided, it was time to throw.

I stepped confidently into a throwing bay, and got my first lesson straight from Citro himself. Would I be a professional thrower? No doubt.

Standing with my feet hip-width apart and squared, I was instructed to hold the ax with both hands and raise it behind my head. With a heave forward, I released the ax when my arms hit a 45-degree angle to my body. It took me a few tries, but I threw a couple bull’s-eyes.

Then I had a long bout of not-so-great throwing (maybe I wasn’t a professional after all). Winston-Salem Monthly’s photographer, Allison, is seriously dedicated to her craft, as she was crouching low on the floor, not quite in harm’s way — Citro wouldn’t allow that — but close enough to capture the action.

It was simple to understand and instantly ignited my competitive side, but I’ll definitely need a lot of practice before I can join a league. With a couple of friends, I could easily spend hours doing it.

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