Four columns in today's WSJ. All four hammer Trump. Why not change the name of the Journal to the Winston Salem Democrat? Like the rest of the Media the WSJ is serving their role as the propaganda arm of the Democratic Party. 96% negative coverage nationwide, that's not coincidence that's…

I love it how Barr scares all the corrupt politicians lurking in the swamp!

Bribery? What did the President get for his bribery? Hopefully an in depth investigation of the corrupt Biden family as well as Kerry, Pelosi and even Romney's connection to ill gotten gains in the Ukraine. Bribery hardly, protecting American interest throughout the World is his job!

Two whining, non-elected, bureaucrats concerned that President Trump did not go through normal channels to get the same failed results they have produced for years?

This "impeachment" shows Democrats at their very best, wasting tax money on imaginary problems for their own political grandstanding, when real problems in their home districts, affecting their constituents, are ignored.

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Searching for political corruption is the President's job. Especially when the corruption was perpetrated and even bragged about by a former Vice President of the United States. It is not the President's fault that so much corruption is the cornerstone of the Democratic Party!

Another political ploy by the Democrats to waste North Carolinians taxpayer time and money!

As sorry as I am for the cyclist's family, when will cyclist realize they are a threat to themselves and to the motoring public. Cyclists ride for free on roads built and maintained by vehicles licences fees and the gas tax paid by motor vehicle drivers. Cyclists many times ride in packs …

What a corrupt media that takes statements and twists them to fit the narrative that they have colluded with the Democratic Party to propagandize!

Democrat "Climate Change" clowns are just amatuer performers for the professional

scam artists at the United Nations Circus!

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