Kamron Benfield

Special teams were poor Friday night. Too many punts into endzone. Get a kicker for when you need short yardage. One KO out of bounds. UNC allowed to run many punts back. Surratt is a great player but not a return man yet. I'd use that freshman - Kenny Walker III.

Not smart but he’s a UNC player so...

LTR#3 Digs. Trump lies. He may also exaggerate and spin (which are forms of lies) but he lies, despite what Stuart Varney says. It is not the job of news outlets like the Journal to “give it a rest now and then”. It is their job to report the news and the President is news, lies and all.

LTR#1. Denmark. You asked to name one country where socialism has worked for education and health insurance. That would be Denmark. You’re welcome.

Digs. Mr. Leggette, to steal from Stuart Varney by saying Trump doesn’t lie, he merely exaggerates and spins is hilarious. And to say Trump is trying to make America look good when Obama did not is even more ridiculous. What does that even mean? Is Trump trying to make America look good w…

Rivera called the wrong play. This is on him. Bucs gave the game to the Panthers and Rivera wouldn’t take it. Should have done a QB sneak which is 83% successful from 1-3 yards and they only needed 1/2 yard. Rivera probably didn’t call a QB sneak because he didn’t want Cam banged up or he…

I am not the President.

I’d love to see Trump’s promised tax returns and Melania’s promised immigration papers. Trump said in Aug. 2016 that Melania was going to have a news conference and explain her immigration situation and reveal all. Never happened. 3 years and no conference yet. Typical Trumps.

Bernie Sanders is an Independent. He is a self-described democratic socialist and progressive. All lower case. He is not a Marxist. He is a long way from being a Marist.

He was a successful mayor, US Rep. and now Senator. Democratic socialism is not Marxism. Marxists believe in "w…

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