Who are the people who own Affinity Living LLC? They should be exposed and punished in the criminal justice system. Who was the manager of Danby House when its employees . . three lowlifes . . were involved in the assaults that were committed on demented patients? Danby House and its affi…

A Swedish tourist?

Murders on the streets, broad daylight, many witnesses! Winston-Salem . . a violent city.

Lynn, the county commissioners are going to do as they please. The voters ought to replace the entire group at the earliest opportunity.

Excellent choice for the school board. Ms. Parker is an outstanding individual.

What is the WFU Anti-Racism Coalition? Students? Faculty? Melissa Harris-Perry and her admirers? Wake Forest is such a great school. It does not deserve the liberal poo that is being hurled at it by anti-white, racist, bigoted, misfits. These Coalition animals should take their circus els…

No one pays any attention to these tree hugging radicals any more. If it were up to them, they would have America go back into the Dark Ages . . . no electricity, people would not have cars, hospitals would not have medical equipment, etc. The United States is NOT a net emitter of toxic g…

Back in April, two black preachers and one white man asked a City Council committee to change the name of the DIXIE Classic Fair. THREE PEOPLE MADE THIS REQUEST. And Mayor Joines and most city council members interpreted this to mean that most residents of Winston-Salem wanted a name chan…

Are these teenage Hispanic killers in the United States ILLEGALLY? Why won't the Journal give its readers this information?

Will this murder be added to the list that was published on page A1 of the Journal issue of Sept. 2, 2019? Will the Journal show the location of this murder on a new crime map?

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