Sexton, perhaps you should run for city council or mayor. You’re just like them, in that you’ve never seen a tax incentive or give-away you didn’t like. Also, you’re pretty good at skewing numbers to fit your narrative. But, you can’t even do that with any accuracy. The fair runs for 10 d…

Sadly, elections for the W-S City Council are not competitive. As long as there is a ward system of voting, there will never be competition. That is why they are lifers.

The sales tax increase, if approved, may only be repealed by the voters. BUT, the commissioners decide whether to put such a repeal referendum on the ballot. Translation? If passed, it will never be repealed. Nor, likely, will the one cent property tax hike levied this year, for the same …

Competitive? If only elections for W-S City Council were competitive. As long as there is a ward system of voting in W-S, competition will never exist.

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