The Journal is shining the spotlight on high school senior athletes whose seasons were cut short because of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Samantha Martin, a left fielder at West Forsyth, has played softball roughly 12 years. She spent the past three seasons watching teammates celebrate senior nights, but never got a moment of her own because of the coronavirus outbreak. Martin said, to supplement her final season cut short, she may play club or intramural softball after enrolling at Wake Forest.

Martin shared her thoughts in a Zoom conference. Here are the highlights:

Q: What are you missing most about school and softball?

Answer: I miss seeing my teammates and my friends. I think that's the real, big one. I miss being able to talk with them in-person, you know, joke around without a screen. … It's just disappointing is all.

Q: How are you keeping busy and remaining fit?

Answer: I've been walking quite a bit. We haven't been able to get out to a field, of course, and hit. Mostly, I've just been trying to work out indoors. … I run on a treadmill we have, I lift weights stuff like that.

Q: If you could have one thing back that COVID-19 has taken from you, what would it be?

Answer: Right now, I'm not sure if graduation will happen. But probably graduation, if it gets cancelled. If not, probably senior night because we won't get a senior night, as the softball season is over. I really looked forward to senior night, watching it for the three years before all the other seniors getting that closure. I always wanted that.

Q: What were a few of your goals throughout senior year, and were those altered?

Answer: I really don't think any of them were altered by the coronavirus, they're just different now. I got into the school I wanted to (Wake Forest), which is nice. That was, like, my big goal that wasn't changed.

Q: What’s been your source of motivation during the COVID-19 outbreak?

Answer: School. With (Advanced Placement) classes, I've been trying that's the thing that's pushing me everyday is, like, my teachers are giving us assignments. That's, honestly what I do most everyday. It's school, but it's good that we have that driver. You know, just so we don't have to sit around and dwell on everything all day.

Q: Who’s the person you couldn’t get through this without?

Answer: Probably my friend, (Jordan Jackson, a former softball player at West Forsyth). We always keep in touch and FaceTime all the time. She's just, like, a shoulder and an ear to talk to. It's nice because she's also going through this, and it was her freshman year (at N.C. State) and that was cut short. So we're both going through the same thing, but in different ways and I think that helps.

Q: What have you seen, heard or done during this difficult time that’s made you smile?

Answer: Whenever everybody turned the lights on, with their football field (on April 20 when stadium lights across Forsyth County were illuminated in honor of the class of 2020). There was a parade that was nice, too. Just the little things. Little things that everyone is trying to do to get through this together, I think that's always nice. And that makes me smile.


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