The Journal is shining the spotlight on high school senior athletes whose seasons were cut short because of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Morgan Redline, a shortstop on the Walkertown softball team, looked to have a solid final season. Redline, who hadn't garnered any scholarship offers, felt it was her last chance to make a case for a possible college career.

Redline, who will attend Methodist on academic scholarships, shared her thoughts in a Zoom conference. Here are the highlights:

Q: What are you missing most about school and softball?

Answer: I miss the interaction with everybody because now I just work all the time (as a stocker and cashier at Ingles Markets). And just the memories and all of us just joking around. ... I enjoyed that we could all get along (on the softball team). And everybody would help each other they would correct each other. We just played as a team.

Q: How are you keeping busy and remaining fit?

Answer: I go on nightly runs, but I'm always constantly moving doing things at work. I haven't really messed with a softball much, lately. But I was going out because I had the hope that we would be going back to school and play. So I was out playing sometimes. I would throw with my brother (Michael).

Q: If you could have one thing back that COVID-19 has taken from you, what would it be?

Answer: My senior year, just in general the whole thing. ... I would say my graduation. I know they're still doing a virtual graduation, but it's just not the same.

Q: What were a few of your goals throughout senior year, and were those altered?

Answer: My goals were to finish high school and I really thought about signing on to play at the next level. And then, all this happened. ... I figured it was my last year, so I had to step up.

Q: What’s been your source of motivation during the COVID-19 outbreak?

Answer: I would say my dad (Norman). He motivates me. He's just always tell me, you know, 'Go to work.' He tries to make everything seem normal, which I know it's not. He's just always there.

Q: Who’s the person you couldn’t get through this without?

Answer: My coach (Kaytee Ward), probably, during my softball season. ... She was just always there for me. She would always help me and just keep my head up. She would always make me a better person, a better player.

Q: What have you seen, heard or done during this difficult time that’s made you smile?

Answer: I took a beach trip (to Carolina Beach) this last weekend, so it was like we're finally starting to get we're finally starting to do phase one. I finally got to sit down at a restaurant and eat. That was, you know, kind of exciting, since I've not been able to do that in a while.


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