Scottie Bing

It didn’t take Blaine Burton long after he took over as coach of Calvary Day School’s tennis team this season to figure out how important Scottie Bing was going to be — and not just because she was his best player.

“I got here this year, and I had five returning players and six new players, and I recognized right away that I needed somebody to help me. That was Scottie,” Burton said. “She’s such a big part of the team; she provides leadership and inspiration and really helps with the younger kids.”

Bing, a 16-year-old junior, played No. 1 singles this season and No. 1 doubles, with her younger sister, Abby. The season was hardly over before Bing was already working on her game, changing up her forehand grip after a lesson with a tennis pro and planning to play as many matches in the offseason as possible.

“I played tennis when I was younger, then I took a break in middle school, and I started again in high school,” she said. “I was playing soccer, and that was in the spring, but when I started playing soccer in the fall, I decided that tennis is the sport that I was better at. I enjoyed soccer — and it was hard to give it up — but I really loved tennis.

“As I got into tennis, I got to a certain point in my game where I was enjoying it more. I had been used to soccer, a team sport, and tennis is an individual sport. It’s a lot more of a mental game. The more matches you play, the more you get used to it.

“I still struggle a little bit. I need to work on playing more matches in the offseason. I want to play more matches. There’s a round robin at Westwood (a local swim and tennis club) on Fridays, and I’m going to get into that so I can play more matches.”

Bing played every match as a freshman and sophomore, but it wasn’t until this season, when she moved into the No. 1 singles slot, that she started feeling a little uncomfortable, facing opponents’ best players on a regular basis.

“At first it was a little overwhelming,” she said. “I could really see what I needed to work on, but by the end of the season, I felt better about my play. I definitely feel like I have improved.

“I am better at doubles. I feel more relaxed; it’s not as much of an individual thing and my sister and I play well together.”

—Dan Kibler

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Dan Kibler

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