HSX Reynolds Girls Lacrosse Morgan Bacon

Morgan Bacon

Morgan Bacon didn’t get much playing time last year as a member of the Reynolds girls lacrosse team, but the junior for the Demons has made up for lost time this season.

She has been the team’s goalkeeper.

“It’s fun being the goalie and making saves,” Bacon said. “Everyone is definitely for you. It’s a great feeling.”

She said her play was somewhat up and down throughout the season.

“I had good games, and I had bad games, but they were always energizing,” Bacon said. “The coaches told me what I had to work on.”

One puzzle that Bacon couldn’t solve was her tendency to have poor first halves followed by good second halves.

“I’m a second-half goalie,” she said. “I tend to do better in the second half. I really didn’t like that. I’d rather be good the whole game. I don’t know why I’m like that. I have no explanation.

“It’s like something flipping switches inside me and bang, I’m bouncing back. Being more consistent comes with practice. I’ve only been playing for two years.”

She is still pleased with her progress.

“I did a lot better this year than last year,” Bacon said. “It’s a step in the right direction.”

Bacon said goalkeeping was a natural fit for her.

“The JV team didn’t have a goalie, and I didn’t like to run,” she said. “I thought I would try anything once. It turned out to be a pretty good decision.”

Stepping up this year was an easy decision.

“Our goalie graduated last year,” Bacon said.

Reynolds was undefeated in conference play, including two 1-point wins over rival West Forsyth. It lost to Waxhaw Marvin Ridge in the first round of the playoffs, but it was an earlier game that Bacon remembered the most.

“We were losing really bad to (Cornelius) Hough but came back in the second half and only lost by 3,” Bacon said. “I was 19 out of 33 on saves.”

Bacon said there aren’t many rules for goalies so the position was easy to learn.

“There aren’t many rules that concern me,” she said. “I pretty much learned the stuff in the first and second week, like if you go out of the crease to get the ball you can’t come back in. You have to give the ball to the other team.”

Wearing the equipment was cumbersome, according to Bacon.

“It’s hard to run with all that equipment plus you have a bigger stick,” she said. “My chin strap was always clanging up and down.”

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