Eydy Marin Salinas

Eydy Marin Salinas, Parkland High School cross country (Walt Unks/Winston-Salem Journal)

Eydy Marin-Salinas of Parkland maintains an active lifestyle. Aside from competing in cross country and track, the senior distance runner has a 3.2 grade-point average, and she’s involved with Junior ROTC as a Command Sergeant Major. On weekends, she works part-time at a local restaurant.

“I like to stay busy,” said Marin-Salinas. “So, time management is important. It helps me to stay organized.”

In her second year of running cross country, Marin-Salinas has started to come of age as a team leader. During the offseason, she embraced a rigorous workout schedule and now she’s among the top four runners on the team.

“If Eydy’s not doing something related to school, she’s running,” said coach William Alley of Parkland. “And if she’s not running, she’s working. As a runner, she’s much improved with her form, endurance and speed. Now all of that is really showing with her level of consistency.

“With Eydy being a senior, she’s focused to have her best year ever. It’s like she wants to leave the team in a better situation than it was when she first started running cross country a year ago.”

Over the summer, Marin-Salinas attended two camps that she believes aided in her growth as a team leader and athlete. At the ROTC camp, she learned how to hone her leadership skills. At the distance runners camp, she discovered methods that can help to maximize her ability.

“I used to be a follower,” she said. “But now I have the confidence to lead others and show them how to prepare for competition. By connecting with other runners at the camp, I learned how I can push my teammates and at the same time, push myself.”

Competing in cross country, however, is not the sole focus. Marin-Salinas uses the fall season as a conditioning tool for indoor and outdoor track. “It’s all preparation for the track seasons,” said Alley. “We lost two of our fastest runners from last year’s 4x800 relay. I’m looking for Eydy to fill one of those slots.”

Q: What career would you like to pursue?

Answer: Dog handler for military working dogs

Q: Who’s the best teacher you’ve had?

Answer: Mr. Brady (Chemistry at Parkland)

Q: What’s your favorite TV show?

Answer: “Arrow”

Craig T. Greenlee

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