HSX Carver Baseball Damien Kordalewski

Damien Kordalewski

Damien Kordalewski just completed his first year on the Carver baseball team, however he wasn’t a stranger to the sport.

The sophomore for the Yellowjackets started playing when he was in the third grade in Rhode Island.

He didn’t play last year, but Kordalewski said it didn’t take long to get back into the groove.

“It just came back naturally,” he said. “I like playing. It’s entertaining and just fun.”

Kordalewski is primarily an infielder. “I play third base most of the time,” he said. “Sometimes I’ll play shortstop or second.”

Playing at third base can be challenging, according to Kordalewski. “You have to have good catching skills and good reflexes if the ball is hit down the line,” he said. “You have to have a good arm to throw over to first. You have to always be ready because if you’re not it will be a tough play.”

The Yellowjackets’ field wasn’t ready for a game until near the end of the season. Kordalewski said it wasn’t a problem playing all but one game on the road. “It really wasn’t a disadvantage,” he said. “We did a lot of work on our field the whole season, and we were able to practice on it. We were actually able to play Walkertown at home.”

He said his batting needs work.

“I only hit the ball once this season,” Kordalewski said. “I get scared when I get up there. In practice, if coach throws a wild pitch then I take it. That’s helping.”

Kordalewski said there wasn’t much difference between competition in Rhode Island and North Carolina, but there was one thing that didn’t bother him.

“Whoever plays the game is going to be competitive so there wasn’t much difference,” he said. “The cold weather didn’t affect me. I’m from Rhode Island.”

He’s already looking forward to next year where be may be called upon to pitch.

“Coach (Jordan) Lineback says he will be working with me so I can pitch next year,” Kordalewski said. “I’ll have to aim the ball to the strike zone. I’ll have to learn how to release the ball. Some of it will be hard to learn but I think I can take it.”

Three questions for Kordalewski

Q: What is your favorite subject?

Answer: Math

Q: Where would you go on a favorite vacation?

Answer: Japan

Q: What are your future plans?

Answer: Professional baseball or football Player

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