Karthik Lalwani

Karthik Lalwani, Forsyth Country Day 

When Karthik Lalwani moved from a school in Tacoma, Wash., to Forsyth Country Day 20 months ago, he figured that going out for a sports team — in his case, track and field — would be a great way to develop friendships at a new school.

His decision was based on experience. A 17-year-old senior at FCD, Lalwani had done the same thing two years earlier when he moved from Seattle to Tacoma for his freshman year.

“I needed a sport to help me develop relationships at my new school, and I chose track, because I thought I might be pretty decent at it,” Lalwani said. “I feel like moving to Tacoma was a better opportunity in a new environment. But the South is a great deal different from the Northwest, so track was even more important here than it was in Tacoma because things were so different.”

Lalwani appears to have fit right in at FCD. He admits that he has actually eaten collard greens — twice!

“Moving from (Tacoma) was a big change, but he immediately became a part of the track team and the school community,” Coach Joe Scott said. “He worked hard — he does the jumps and runs some sprints — and I made him a captain. I felt like he has the ability to inspire other kids.

“He’s a great student — as thoughtful and considerate as any athlete could be. You need a guy like that to lead and be a good teammate.”

Lalwani qualified for the NCISAA state championships in the long jump last season. It remains his best event.

“I started with springs in the ninth grade, then started jumping in the 10th grade,” he said. “I figured I was a decent jumper. I am better in the long jump; I’m going to add the triple jump this year, and I hope I can get into a relay.”

Lalwani said he thinks he is ready to increase his points contribution to the Furies this year because of one thing he did last fall.

“I was so glad I did cross-country last fall,” he said. “Some of the long-distance runners convinced me to do it, and I enjoyed it. I think it’s gotten me in better shape.”

Lalwani hopes to become a physician; his father works in radiology, but Lalwani is more interested in the brain.

“I get great fulfillment playing a significant role in other people’s lives,” he said. “I used to help at a senior assisted-living facility. I feel like it might be too early to decide (on a specialty), but maybe a neurologist, working with the brain. There are so many systems that are related to brain function.”

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