Jack Beilman

Jack Beilman, Reynolds High School lacrosse

Jack Beilman succumbed to peer pressure when he decided to forego soccer for lacrosse. “I had friends that talked me into it,” said Beilman, a senior at Reynolds. “I thought it looked interesting, so I tried it and stuck with it.”

He has played on the Demons’ team since his freshman year. “I needed something to do in the spring,” Beilman said. “I like the physicality of it and the movement. It has the plays of basketball, the running of soccer and the physicality of football and hockey.”

Beilman, who played on the Demons’ junior varsity team for two years, recalled his first practice. “I had no idea what was going on,” he said, laughing. “I started with a short stick. When I got comfortable with that I switched to a long stick. That definitely threw everything out the window.”

It didn’t take long to learn the rules but feeling at ease on the field was a longer process. “I was pretty comfortable with the rules by the first game,” Beilman said. “I had a good feeling for the game by my sophomore year.”

His specialty is defense. “I played goalkeeper in soccer, so my reaction time is fairly high,” Beilman said. “I have always played defense, so I have that defensive mindset.”

Defense is not always the most exciting position on the field. “Sometimes it gets a little boring when the ball is on the other side of the field,” Beilman said. “That’s true in any sport.

“I try to think of what the other defender is doing and how I can replicate it. I try to see what they’re doing good or bad and how I can use it.”

Playing for a club helped to shorten Beilman’s learning curve. “I played for the Twins club over the summer and fall,” he said. “That helped with my feeling of getting comfortable. There’s still plenty to learn in developing my lacrosse I.Q.”

Beilman said his quickness is an asset but communicating needs improvement. “I use my speed and quickness to stay with my opponent,” he said. “I’m working on my communication and awareness of things around me.

“I’m not as loud as I could be in calling what I see and being able to recognize what gaps need to be filled.”

He said the Demons have a young team this year. “I’m telling them where they need to be,” Beilman said. “We are working on building cohesiveness. I like the camaraderie of the team. I like working with the team and supporting the team, which is fun.”

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