Iyona King

Iyona King, North Forsyth track and field

The thought of joining North Forsyth’s track team last year was a scary experience for Iyona King. “I wanted to do it, but I was afraid,” said King, a junior. “I had a friend who was on it and that helped a lot.”

King, who suffers from asthma, thought that would hinder her ability to run. “I thought I wouldn’t do good because I have asthma,” she said. “I was surprised when it didn’t bother me.”

The difficulty of practices and meets also crossed King’s mind as she was making her decision. “I thought it would be hard,” she said. “I thought I would mess up.”

She was wrong again. “I was trying to be as fast as most people,” King recalled. “I was not at first until this year.”

King just completed the indoor season where she ran the 55 and 300. It was a change from last year when she competed in the 500 and 55 hurdles. “I was new at it last year and Coach (Michael Smith) put me in it,” she said. “I wanted to finish it out.”

Her events in this year’s outdoor season will include the 100, 100 hurdles, 400 and 4x200 relay. She may even try long jump.

“Long jump is my favorite,” King said. “I’m not as tired. We didn’t have that many coaches to teach us, so it took a while. I’m still learning.”

King said learning to run hurdles was a year-long process last season. “It took all of last year, learning and to jump in and out over them,” she explained. “I hurt my knee.”

Getting her steps down was a shorter process. “It didn’t take that long,” King said. “That only took about two weeks.”

She described the secret to be a good hurdler. “You’ve got to stay close and not get too high,” King said. “You have to have flexible hips.”

One thing that surprised her in running events was the starting blocks. “I had never seen blocks,” she said. “I had to learn to set them up right.”

King laughed when talking about the surprises in practice. “I didn’t know about this thing called distance running,” she said. “We have to run two miles at practice. It’s calm because all you’re doing is running.”

She’s set a goal of winning at least one event in a meet this spring. “I just want to get that prize,” she said. “That shows that I’ve actually worked hard to get where I want to be.”

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