Carver has a long and distinguished history in athletics from its time as a school with just the 9th and 10th grades to its current days as a school with the 9th-12th grades.

But it’s never had an athletics Hall of Fame. That will all change today as the school will honor its inaugural class.

It’s all part of a celebratory weekend coinciding with Carver’s home football game Friday night against Walkertown. The weekend will culminate with the Hall of Fame induction and banquet at 7 p.m. today at the Hawthorne Inn near downtown Winston-Salem.

“Me personally, it was kind of a mission of mine,” said Athletics Director Danny Piggott of Carver. “I guess when I got this job is — I feel no school has a deeper, greater history than Carver High School. So it’s kind of been an undertaking. It’s been about two or three years here in the making, and I just hope it’s something that can sustain itself and go on from this moment forward.”

The inaugural class includes David Lash, Alfred Poe, Richard Daniels, Chris Hairston, Porsche Jones, Bryce Sherman and Antonio Stevenson. Also being honored are Edward Coe and the 1972-73 boys basketball team.

“Basically it was just a process where we kind of put it out there online where people would have to apply,” Piggott said. “And then if you filled out the paperwork then we as a committee basically sifted through the applications that we received and tried to come up with our list.

“And we feel there are plenty, plenty no-brainers who’s not on this list that we hope that apply, so that for years to come that they can get in.”

Carver was founded in 1936 as a school for black students in all grade levels. In 1963 Carver became integrated, serving grades 7-12. Carver became Carver High School in 1971, changing to only grades 9 and 10. Since 1984 when the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County School System reorganized, Carver has been a traditional high school in grades 9-12.

“We just felt like we had a special undertaking here,” Piggott said. “We kind of want to have inductees and honorees. Our inductees into our Hall of Fame are of course alums, people that graduated from Carver. But we didn’t want to dismiss the glorious 9-10 era that Carver had.”

It’s been a labor of love for Piggott, whose father, Dan, was the principal at Carver for 11 years. Danny Piggott graduated from Carver in 1990 and later became the boys basketball coach, a position he had for nine seasons until 2013.

“I get to see and talk to a lot of my heroes,” Piggott said. “Guys, when I was growing up as a kid, that I idolized, because I watched played and it helped me fall in love with Carver.”

Piggott said he feels like he can share a different perspective on Carver athletics that others can’t.

“When I was born my dad was like the 9-10 coach at Atkins,” he said. “And Coach Poe, of course was the 9-10 coach here at Carver. And that Atkins-Carver rivalry was huge then. So I kind of grew up, like my whole life, I couldn’t wait to try to beat Carver because I, of course, wanted to play for my dad, who was the coach at Atkins at the time.

“But then when my dad went into administration and then the school system changed in (‘84) ... I just knew I wanted to go to Carver.”



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