I will have to defer to our two home-bound teenagers on how to connect Winston-Salem State’s CIAA championship game to our TV set in the living room.

The game is now available through Youtube but I don’t like watching it on my computer screen. I would rather hear Stan Lewter and Scott Pryzwanski talk to me on a TV instead of a computer screen.

Both of our teenagers will be at home and getting taught remotely by teachers at Reagan High School. I have no idea how all of that will work, but I’m pretty sure the teachers all across the country who will be doing this should get raises.

Hopefully our two can work the logistics out to where I can watch the Rams’ win over Fayetteville State again. It’s definitely worth watching again, especially because there aren’t a lot of live sporting events to watch.

I realize that the Rams got shortchanged because the NCAA Tournament was cancelled, but one of the things I thought about was at least they got to play the CIAA Tournament. Thankfully it was played in the last week of February while all the major Division I conferences never finished their tournaments.

It was interesting during my last interview with Coach Cleo Hill Jr. when the Rams got back from Indiana (Pa.) I asked him about what was a turning point in the season. He pointed out the week that WSSU played Elizabeth City State in back-to-back games. This happened because the Rams’ bus broke down on their way to ECSU earlier in the season.

It was during that week when Hill had to suspend some key players for breaking team rules. The missed the first ECSU game at the Gaines Center, but then won at ECSU later in the week. It should be noted that since the suspensions the Rams went 13-2 the rest of the season and won the CIAA title.

“I didn’t realize we were that good after those suspensions,” Hill said. “That’s how you close a season out so I’m glad it worked out that way.”

All of that hard work, dedication and the discipline that Hill showed by suspending Jaylen Alston, Melvin Huntley Jr. and Xavier Fennell for that key game with ECSU all played a role in the Rams’ having a historic season.

One of the things I noticed in watching the end of the game on my computer was Chancellor Elwood Robinson celebrating on the floor right after the buzzer. Jalen Spicer missed the potential game-winning shot right in front of the Robinson, and the celebration with Rob Colon and the rest of the Rams took place just a few feet from where Robinson was sitting.

Watching WSSU win its first CIAA title since 2012 again is worth the time. It was an epic comeback in those final four minutes.

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