Winning two of three games in the first six days of the season isn’t going to cut it for Wake Forest’s women’s basketball team.

At least, not if the Deacons want to be different than previous years, Coach Jen Hoover said after Saturday’s 67-65 loss to visiting UNC Greensboro at Joel Coliseum.

“You come out 2-1 at home, you want to be 3-0. It’s gotta mean something to play on this court, we play on it every day. … When you wear that jersey it means something,” Hoover said. “These are the lessons and the stuff that — this team wants to be different and doesn’t want to happen, and yet we let it happen.

“We’ve gotta really look at ourselves in the mirror and say why? And how do we prevent it from happening again?”

Wake Forest (2-1) opened its season Tuesday night with a 65-55 win against UNC Wilmington, and then blew out College of Charleston 106-50 on Friday night, which marked Hoover’s 100th win as coach of her alma mater.

Sunday was a chance to collect a third victory in six days, a rapid-fire schedule that Hoover thought the Deacons were prepared for.

Instead, Wake Forest committed 21 turnovers and made 16 of 28 free throws — both of those numbers irking Hoover. Alex Sharp led the Deacons with 21 points, while Gina Conti scored 13. Nine of 11 Deacons who played had at least two turnovers.

“I don’t feel like we were hyped and ready to play,” Hoover said. “I don’t know what that was. You know, we’re still a relatively young team but we’ve got enough veterans on this team that are key components, so I just feel like we didn’t come out with the same look on our face in our other games.”

Wake Forest now has until Friday night, when it plays host to Charlotte, to solve those energy issues.

“We’ve gotta learn a hard lesson, one that none of us wanted to learn, and get back after it Friday with Charlotte,” Hoover said.

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