Columbia Wake Forest NCAA basketball

Wake Forest's Jahcobi Neath, here taking a shot against Columbia earlier this season, has been cleared to play after a one-game absence because of an alleged role in an incident at Disneyland. 

A review of the incident at Disneyland over the weekend has led Wake Forest to the determination that there are “significant discrepancies” in what was accused of and what actually happened between basketball players Jahcobi Neath and Mike Wynn and an employee of the park.

Three officials at Wake Forest — Athletics Director John Currie, Vice President for Campus Life Penny Rue and Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion, and Chief Diversity Officer José Villalba — released a joint statement Wednesday evening that outlined the school’s review process.

“Following a review of the incident that was completed with the cooperation of park officials, we have determined that there are significant discrepancies among individual perspectives of what transpired,” the statement reads. “The student-athletes have been very cooperative in clarifying their roles in the alleged incident and they expressed genuine concern about how their actions were portrayed.

“We have concluded that the allegations on social media were not sufficiently supported by the available information.”

Neath and Wynn have been cleared to play in tonight’s game against Penn State, which starts at 9:15.

Neath was alleged to have used a homophobic slur against a park employee and Wynn was alleged to have behaved rudely. The team took a trip to Disneyland on its off day between games in the Wooden Legacy on Saturday. 

Both players were withheld from playing in Sunday night’s final of the Wooden Legacy, which was a 73-66 loss to Arizona.

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