Just a little late on posting this one. Sorry, it’s been a hell of a week.

Here’s what I picked up on while re-watching the game:

• I’m writing this in here now — it’s Friday afternoon. I wish I had been doing film reviews in the 2017 season. The Louisville, Syracuse and N.C. State games would’ve been rollercoasters.

And doing one for the Belk Bowl might’ve set the record for longest film review ever.

• First game of the season, I think, for this broadcasting crew — Tom Werme, James Bates and Kelsey Wingert.

• The Tommy DeVito injury situation … I mean, you can’t even tell what foot was injured, his ankles are taped so heavily. Weird. If I recall, last time Wake Forest was at Syracuse there was some strange situation with Eric Dungey being hurt and possibly playing or not playing.

• Boogie Basham was on the first kickoff coverage unit. I couldn’t believe that.

• Clayton Welch’s first throw made me think Wake Forest wasn’t going to allow a first down while he was in the game. It’s a lob on an 8-yard sideline out that’s the easiest PBU in Essang Bassey’s career.

• Nice second-down tackle by Ryan Smenda Jr., who’s now the leading tackler. He has 72, Justin Strnad’s season ended at 69.

• Bates with the jinx, saying Wake Forest doesn’t turn the ball over (five times) or commit penalties (seven for 61 yards, one shy of season-high for number and tied the season high for yardage).

• Sterling Hofrichter is the best punter in the ACC. Don’t get fooled by average distance.

• Really strong 8-yard run by Jamie Newman to start Wake Forest’s first drive.

• The walk-up QB sneak is executed perfectly — at least one of the defensive tackles isn’t even in his three-technique at the snap.

• Great blocking on the edge by Nate Gilliam for Cade Carney’s 8-yard run on first down.

So, back-to-back 8-yard runs on first down. That would’ve been nice to sustain. I’ve got Wake Forest calling 14 designed first-down runs for the rest of the game and gaining 36 yards — about 2.6 yards per play. The only one that went at least 8 yards was a 12-yard run by Kenneth Walker III on the first play of a drive in the second quarter.

“It never felt that we really consistently ran the ball well today,” Coach Dave Clawson said. “It seemed like 3- and 4-yard plays were tough plays for us.”

You wouldn’t have expected that coming off of 334 yards against Duke in the previous game.

• 30-yard pass down the seam from Newman to Jack Freudenthal, and the first thing I notice is how calmly Newman maneuvers the pocket. Syracuse blitzes and he navigates away from pressure/contact, drills Freudenthal down the middle.

• Almost a hell of a catch by Freudenthal for a touchdown, or at least to the 1-yard line, on third-and-8. Newman barely missed the throw.

• Nick Sciba is money.

• Kenneth Dicks III goes down on the ensuing kickoff and that’s the first injury blow of the half.

• And there’s Nasir Greer down after the second play, which he’s nowhere close to. I think whatever happened to him occurred on the first play — he comes up in run support and might have had somebody roll up on his ankle or knee.

“He’s our Mr. Fix It. When things get in space, he’s the guy that gets things down,” Clawson said. “And without having Justin and Luke in there, he’s kind of been our eraser. And just, how many plays that we were in a position to make and we didn’t get it down? We’ve gotta get him healthy, hopefully for the bowl game.”

I’ll try to keep track more in the second half, when Syracuse converted 6 of 9 third downs, but I think Greer’s absence was felt hardest on third downs.

• Moe Neal up the middle for 15 yards because of a miscommunication/misfit by Smenda, Chase Jones and Coby Davis.

• Again Neal for another 12.

• Great play by Ja’Sir Taylor on third-and-4 to crush Welch on an RPO and force an incompletion. And then …

• It’s third-and-4, Trishton Jackson is one of the best wide receivers in the ACC, and he’s given a cushion of 8 yards in the slot.

Trust your guys to play press coverage every once in a while.

• The touchdown comes back, but this was just an atrocious play from Zion Keith and Taylor on the bubble screen. If you’re going to go for the strip, fine, but at least make a tackle – and especially when there are two of you there.

That’s gotta be one of the worst plays of the season for the defense. It should’ve been third-and-8, at worst, and instead it winds up being first-and-goal at the 2.

• Bad teams are bad teams for reasons: Getting a holding call on first-and-goal from the 2 is a bad play.

• Jackson just turns Traveon Redd inside-out on the touchdown that finally counts. Nice route.

• First play, interception thrown by Newman. He airmails Kendall Hinton — I’m not sure there’s a good explanation why. Syracuse brought a middle blitz but it’s picked up, and Newman has time to set his feet. Hinton is open across the middle and has space to operate; hit him in stride and it could’ve been a big play.

• Two 4-yard runs for Syracuse, and then …

• Man, that’s really a great play from Manny Walker. He’s engaged with the tight end while Welch rolls right on a bootleg and drops off at the last second to pick off the pass.

But the penalty is a killer. It goes from Wake Forest at its 40 to its 7. Greer wasn’t happy that he was still being blocked 50 yards away from the action — but he’s smarter than to fall on a player in retaliation.

At least, that’s what it looks like to me. Maybe he trips on him. In which case — just an unfortunate judgment call.

• I didn’t realize Newman had the first down if he’d held on to the ball on the third-down scramble.

This sequence was: a Syracuse touchdown, Newman interception, Welch interception, Newman lost fumble in a span of eight plays. Just yo-yoing around and Wake Forest comes out on the wrong end of three of those momentum-shifting plays.

• Nice play by Coby Davis and Rondell Bothroyd to string out a first-down run — proves critical because the next two plays don’t pick up a first down from the 7 and Syracuse has to settle for a field goal.

• Ja’Cquez Williams does a magnificent job of reading the shovel pass on third down.

• OK, down 10-3, defense just stemmed the bleeding, still 2:19 left in what’s become a marathon first quarter — this was a pretty crucial drive for Wake Forest, all things considered.

• I can’t tell if the first play is a busted play or one of the worst-developing options I’ve seen.

• Really strong hands for Waydale Jones on a 7-yard catch.

[btw if you missed it: Jones entered the transfer portal Tuesday, as first reported by Les Johns of 247sports.]

• Refs missed a false start, but a nice bullet to Hinton for 13 yards after picking up a third-and-2. This drive has gotten to midfield and was moving nicely.

• Swing pass to Carney on first down … not sure that’s an idea play for him.

• I don’t get the second-down option either to end the quarter. Just a bit of a weird sequence.

• Fourth-and-3 and a miscommunication between Newman and Freudenthal. It looks like Freudenthal breaks his route short because he sees Andre Cisco coming up on inside leverage, Newman throws it where he would have been if he kept going.

• Tough missed tackle on a jet sweep for Basham, and then nice awareness by Taj Harris to reverse field and pick up 10 yards.

• Greer is still in the game after an 18-yard screen, clearly doesn’t have the same explosiveness as usual.

• Really pretty simple how Luke Benson gets so wide open for the touchdown.

• There’s the 12-yard first-down run by Walker. Nice block on the edge by Gilliam.

• Great conversion on third-and-9 with an 11-yard bullet from Newman to Brandon Chapman. Stood tall in the pocket and delivered an accurate ball through traffic.

• And then the next series goes nowhere in a hurry — Walker dives into the line, Steve Claude can’t quite make catch on the hitch and then Newman overthrows Claude on a third-down deep ball.

• Bothroyd blows up a play in the backfield, finished off by Shamar McCollum. The next two plays are PBUs — I thought this could become a turning point for the Deacons.

• 52-yard punt, no return. That shouldn’t look as easy as Hofrichter makes it look.

• First- and second-down play calls are just … I mean, Carney dive into the line on first down and a rollout for Newman, which I understand is to get him comfortable, but he throws a bounce pass.

• Illegal hands to the face prolongs Wake Forest’s drive — not the first time the Orange bails out a drive in a crucial moment. Bad teams by the 12th game are who they are, ya know?

• Newman and Gilliam both down on the same play, both with right leg injuries. Just a massive pile-up of bodies and tough to tell what happens, maybe both of them get rolled up on/landed on? Just a rough play for the Deacons.

• Coming in for a first snap on third-and-16 seems less than ideal, but he threw a nice ball to Hinton over the middle that mightcould have been caught. Pass was a little high, though.

• Welch gives Wake Forest a little bit of a gift by throwing over Jackson’s head and Syracuse loses 3 yards, so it’s third-and-5.

• Jackson beats Redd again — the Orange found the mismatch and went to it.

• Welch provides another gift with a throwaway on third-and-13.

• Wake Forest starts this drive at Syracuse’s 44, down 17-3. Another spot where you should, and need to, score points.

• 21 yards to Donavon Greene on the first play on an RPO slant — crazy that he had such a monster game and this was his first catch, with 6:31 left in the second quarter.

• Single coverage on Hinton for a third down over the middle, nice throw by Hartman but it’s Hinton with separation at the line that makes the play happen.

Syracuse trying to strip the ball from Hinton here as he goes down — I didn’t see them enough this season to know whether that’s regular practice for them or if they saw something on film they thought could be exposed (and eventually was).

• Greene had a better chance to make the second-down catch in the end zone than I thought.

• The interception in the end zone is just a back-breaker. I mean … there’s nothing there. I think Hartman does an OK job of staying in the pocket, stepping up to avoid the rush, but then tries to throw to Jones off one foot while moving forward.

“I thought Sam, other than the picks, played really well,” Clawson said.

And, I mean, it’s nothing Hartman doesn’t know.

“It starts with the quarterbacks just taking care of the ball, and if we do a better job of that it’s going to be a different game,” he said.

• Syracuse gives it to Neal twice for a first down, and then this drive stalls. Nice first-down stop by Smenda coming around the edge.

• Ooooh, Wake Forest dodges a bullet on third-and-long; Welch delivered a great deep ball while under pressure and it goes off Jackson’s hands.

• Hartman wild high on the interception. The pocket is holding up around him, the ball just sails on him.

Credit to Walker for chasing the play down and preventing much of a return. Also not sure if Hinton was credited for this or not, but he should get a forced fumble on the play.

• Syracuse goes empty on first down and it’s a QB draw that’s snuffed out — guessing Wake Forest’s defense is familiar with that situation.

• Here’s Taylor’s interception of Welch and … OK, let’s start with Syracuse’s offensive line. Because those guys let Basham, Ja’Corey Johns and Bothroyd come untouched up the middle, basically, hurrying Welch’s throw. Really weird, almost like they were going to be blocking for a screen and it’s a 25-yard throw downfield.

Taylor just undercuts the route; he explained how the play happened better than I could.

“He ran a seven route, and in that coverage I had the ability to undercut it and I drove it out and at the last second I got my eyes back and the ball was right there,” Taylor said.

• 48 seconds left from the 24-yard line – not always a spot Clawson and Co. have been aggressive this season. But two short sideline catches for Greene — shades of Clemson before the interception — mean it’s go-time for the (one)-minute drill.

• Hartman recognizes zone coverage and floats beautifully for Claude and 23 yards. That’s a high-caliber throw there.

• Man, that’s a missed late hit on Kendall Coleman diving on top of Hinton after a 7-yard catch.

• Wake Forest takes a timeout and Hinton is clearly laboring throughout it. Maybe got the wind knocked out of him by Coleman’s elbow … and then makes an 8-yard catch to convert third-and-3 and get the Deacons in range for Sciba.

• Narrowly missed Claude on the sideline route — not a bad throw and not a bad effort from Claude, just couldn’t quite time up the jump or get the throw down a hair more.

And that’s the story for a lot of the first half, I think. Yeah, there were some truly abhorrent plays. But even when the Deacons looked to be clicking, there was something just an iota off that interrupted momentum and kept Wake Forest from ever clicking.

• Huh. Dino Babers ices Sciba here. I say “huh” because he doesn’t before the game-tying field goal on the last play of regulation, which I thought was really strange. But I can understand if Babers was trying to use some reverse psychology and make Sciba think he was going to do it again … without doing it.

Or maybe I’m just rambling in a circle.

• Clawson with the update in the halftime interview on his QB situation, says Newman is out and Hartman is in for the rest of the game. On that:

“We knew Jamie was down, so he was going to have to step up and play well,” Clawson said. “We just had to settle (Hartman) down at halftime. He kind of gets excited there and we just had to settle his feet down, settle his mind down and call plays that he was comfortable with, and I thought Warren (Ruggiero) did a nice job of that.”

• Hartman was 8-for-13 for 71 yards and two interceptions in the first half; he was 3-for-5 for 22 yards and the two interceptions before the final drive of the first half.

Also, it means his second-half/overtime stat line was: 17-for-29 for 279 yards and two touchdowns.

• Good pull by Hartman on an RPO and he picks up 5 yards. Tack on 15 for Lakiem Williams hitting him while he’s in his slide and …

Ya know, I think Williams should’ve been ejected. It’s his second personal foul, as he’s the one that hit Hinton after the fair catch. I thought it’s two dead-ball personal fouls and you’re out?

• Nice throw and catch for 8 yards to Claude, and then a huge 27-yard catch-and-run for Greene. The throw on the latter play wasn’t the best from Hartman — he’s got happy feet and keeps backing up and throws off his back foot — but it’s good enough to get the ball to Greene in space.

And that seems like it’s going to be a good thing for the next few dozen Wake Forest football games.

• That might have been the first bounce in the game that really went the Deacons’ way, Hartman fumbles on a handoff but recovers immediately.

• And the next play is Carney’s 19-yard touchdown. He cuts it back against the grain, while Loic Ngassam Nya and Jake Benzinger wash the defensive line down, and goes untouched. Impressive burst from Carney — something I don’t think has been there all that often this season.

(I don’t think he’s at full strength)

• We saw a 295-pound defensive tackle/fullback/H-back/tight end return a kickoff 15 yards.

Clawson is going to exhaust some resources to figure out kickoff problems in the offseason — no matter if that means bringing in a graduate transfer to handle kickoffs, getting Sciba’s leg stronger and more durable or changing coverages.

• Bubble screen loses 1 yard and it’s a really nice play by Essang Bassey and Ja’Cquez Williams.

• Welch escapes for a 13-yard scramble on third-and-8 — made possible by a blitz to the left and Welch going right.

And, lord — it’s not targeting and it shouldn’t have even been a foul on Trey Rucker. Welch is still a runner when Rucker comes up and lays a crushing blow.

• It took three plays for this drive to cross midfield, and then Syracuse runs another 10 on the drive. This was a grinder.

• Basham makes a nice play to draw a second-and-short hold.

• Tommy DeVito’s impact on this game was minimal, but that’s a huge throw to convert third-and-11 and put Syracuse on the doorstep. Welch doesn’t make that throw.

• The goal-line stand from the 1 was pretty impressive in real time. Smenda with a nice play on first down. Wow, Smenda again on second down.

[you know how I feel about replay reviews]

• I noticed this briefly in the first half and seeing it again: Freshman linebacker Jaylen Hudson is in for the goal-line defense package. He’s got great size (6-3, 230) and it’s good to find a role for him. He’s taking a redshirt this season — he’s one of three freshman linebackers to feel good about moving forward (Chase Jones and Zach Ranson are the others).

• This was a 7-minute, 14-second drive with two TV commercial breaks. That’s absurd.

• OK, cool, back to football. Third-down stop is by Basham, Hudson (!) and Williams.

• There’s the future, Greene goes 75 yards on the first play. It’s a pretty weak play by Cisco, in all honesty, but that doesn’t take away from how impressive Greene turned on the jets once he saw daylight.

“I just saw – the corner, he jumped on it but the ball was already thrown. And I saw the safety wasn’t really coming down, so I just had to shoot outside, tried to outrun him,” Greene said of the play.

• A goal-line stand and a 75-yard touchdown on the next play to tie the game at 20-20 — this is where the game should have been seized by Wake Forest. You’ve leveled off the awful first half in the first 10 minutes of the second, Syracuse is reeling … I mean, it’s right there.

• Whoa, Manny Walker shows up again with a bull rush to force DeVito from the pocket on second down. 

[btw: Walker is also in the transfer portal.]

• Basham forces him from the pocket on third down and he throws wild, incomplete. More momentum to Wake Forest.

• Hofrichter coffin-corners to the 5. Orange lined up with illegal formation. Wake Forest makes him re-kick.

Orange downs the second one at the 4. Ridiculously good.

• Two incompletions from the 4-yard line isn’t ideal.

• 23 yards to Claude on third down, who found a soft spot of the zone. Heck of a throw by Hartman on the run, too.

• RPO slant to Greene and this is where you love Hartman’s confidence. Greene is covered — tightly — and Hartman still fits it in there for 13 yards. Lots of arm talent on display with velocity and accuracy.

Greene helped off the field — it’s now so late in the week (Thursday) that I can’t remember if he comes back in. I think he does.

• Freudenthal runs over a DB on first down for 8 yards and ya know, that’s a play I’m not sure we saw once this year — a tight end swing pass on an RPO. I’ll bet $10 that’s one of the plays Clawson is referring to when he says Ruggiero called more plays that Hartman is comfortable with.

• Second-and-2 from around midfield is a simple run up the middle — would’ve liked to see the playbook opened up a little more there.

But not a Kendall Hinton pass. Calm down.

• Hartman takes a shot downfield on first down and that’s not where the ball should’ve gone; Hinton is wide open underneath on that side, jumping to try to get Hartman’s attention.

• OK, that was for Greene, so he obviously came back.

• A rocket over the middle on an RPO slant to Claude, who gets his hands on it but doesn’t make the catch. Should’ve been a catch and a first down.

• Third down is an airmailed throw to Claude on the sideline — miscommunication there more than anything, I think. Seems like Claude ran a hitch and Hartman thought he was running an out.

• Nice punt by Maggio, fair-caught at the 11.

• Smenda over-pursues on first down and there’s costly YAC.

• Johns and Smenda get a second-down sack, and then a delay of game sets up third-and-13. …

• One of the things Nasir Greer told me about kickoff problems against Duke was that everybody was waiting on somebody else to make a play instead of going and doing it themselves.

Well, that’s exactly what happens on this Moe Neal 19-yard catch and run, reversing field twice. It’s like half of Wake Forest’s defense is just waiting for somebody else to go make a play on the ball and funnel Neal into the rest of the defense.

So, two of the defense’s worst five plays of the season in this game, I think.

• Not sure if I’ve written this in here yet, but this announcing crew was really good. I really like James Bates, kinda disappointed he wasn’t on a Wake Forest game until this one.

• The Jarveon Howard kid, a sophomore running back, looked impressive in ripping off two 11-yard runs to start the fourth quarter.

• Great play by Tyler Williams on the forced fumble. Ya know … he missed three games and has 21 tackles this season, which is OK for a defensive tackle. But what’s impressive to me is that 6½ of his tackles are for loss – that’s a nice percentage.

Without getting into too much conjecture, I’d guess he, Miles Fox, Dion Bergan Jr. and Justin Williams form a nice DT rotation next season.

• This Syracuse defense entered last week ranked 13th in yards allowed (454.3), 12th in scoring average (30.7), and everything on first- and second-down seems difficult for Wake Forest all of a sudden.

Plenty of chances to seize momentum, missed them.

• Really nice throw and catch for 7 yards to Brandon Chapman for a third-and-6 conversion.

• A sneak peek at a spring football storyline: Michael Jurgens comes in for Zach Tom after he lost his helmet. Believe there’s a good chance Jurgens is an offensive line starter next season.

• Hinton gets down to the 26-yard line, makes a great move after the catch along the sideline to pick up an additional 10-12 yards.

He’s really, really good. He’s going to get a long look in somebody’s training camp.

• Carney with a 6-yard run to the 20 — again, I think if he’s 100%, he breaks through and it’s a 10-15-yarder, at least.

• Three offenders on the first false start: Ngassam Nya moves, Carney is leaning forward, and Hartman reacts demonstrably — can’t have any of those things happen in this moment.

• Ngassam Nya is the lone offender on the second one. Jake Benzinger was announced as the guilty one on the first false start, but he wasn’t moving.

• Third-and-14 from the 30 in a tied game — the idea here should’ve been to at least pick up 5-10 yards to make it an easier field goal for Sciba.

• Hartman instead goes for it all on a deep shot to Greene, who gets leveled by the CB … not quite sure what the ruling was there. Maybe uncatchable, but also, could’ve been a defensive hold. Weird no-call.

• Sciba had the leg for 48 yards, just leaked right on him.

• Big-time second-down play by Bassey to blow up a bubble screen.

• Taylor has good coverage on Jackson, Welch just makes a nice throw and Jackson a nice catch. 26-yard pass on third-and-11 — yeesh.

• Jackson for another 26 yards. On another third down. This time with a missed tackle.

Deacons’ defense has been great on third downs all year. Not here.

And to add injury to insult, this is where the Deacons lose Rondell Bothroyd to injury.

• Way too easy on the touchdown run up the middle. That looked like a play from last year where there’s a middle run and nobody — literally nobody — to fit the run.

• Good decision on first down by Hartman to pull the ball down and pick up 6 yards up the middle.

• Walker didn’t seem to have the same vision/patience he had in the previous week against Duke. Had 10 carries for 32 yards.

• What a bailout penalty for the Deacons on Hartman’s fourth-down scramble. But it was a facemask, not a bad call. Just a bad team.

• Ah, there’s a really good 9-yard run by Walker. Believe I tweeted something to the extent of “he finally got the edge he’s been looking for all game.”

I stand by that one.

• Hey look: A QB draw and it wasn’t an empty backfield. Hartman for 10 yards.

• There’s the helmet catch by Greene. Incredible play. Incredible throw and catch.

• Wild Cade on second-and-goal from the 8 doesn’t make much sense to me. I mean … what are the chances of success there? It’s the short-yardage package, not “we need 8 yards package.”

I kind of understand hesitation to have Hartman slinging it around by the goal line since he threw an interception the last time the Deacons were in the red zone — but he’s gotten you back into the game and you need to score.

• Wonderful route and throw on the 2-yard touchdown pass to Hinton. Trusted Hartman there. And probably more so trusted Hinton to create separation off the line.

• That’s still an enormous box of fruit snacks.

• They actually had Sciba kick deep and Ja’Cquez Williams runs down there and makes a great, great play. Which becomes even better with what’s gotta be one of the most-obvious penalties I’ve seen all year, with Nykeim Johnson shoving a referee.

• Basham was only credited with 6 tackles in this game. Feels like he had double-digits — he makes a really nice stuff on first down after Syracuse picks up 11 combined yards on a couple of runs.

• Sulaiman Kamara looked like he was limping, but stayed in. On the next play, Basham gets held but it’s uncalled, he forces Welch out of the pocket and he throws it away.

Kamara now down and attended to.

• Soft coverage on third-and-10 and Syracuse picks up 11.

• Next play goes for 33 yards and it’s only because Bassey slips when Taj Harris makes his break.

• Basham draws a second-down hold. Stop me if you’ve heard me say how good he was in this game already.

• Second-down run goes for 3 yards and this is really smart by Wake Forest’s sideline (i.e. Clawson): Neal is slow to get up, and is hurt, and the Deacons don’t burn a timeout. Officials call a timeout for injury, Syracuse is assessed a timeout for the injury. Great patience to see if that played out.

• Man, Andre Szmyt drilled the 49-yarder to put Syracuse ahead. I thought I heard it ever so lightly graze a hand, but that must have been something else.

• Nice sideline catch by Claude for 15 yards on the first play.

• Hinton gets 5 yards, but erased by a false start.

• Claude for 14 yards in traffic. Five catches for a career-high 83 yards in this game.

• 11 yards to Hinton along the sideline, well done. Great throw.

Hartman looks really, really comfortable in this situation.

• A couple of short sideline throws get another 10 yards, giving Sciba a look from 43 yards.

• Sciba made 23 field goals without missing this season. But this one, the one after his first miss and a game-tying kick to send the game to overtime, is the most-impressive kick he’s made all season. That might be obvious, but just in case it isn’t, feel like it needs to be said.

• Overtime.

• Welch really helped out the Deacons when Syracuse had the ball here. Bad throw on first down.

• Another missed holding against Basham. What’s that, two or three?

• Welch just throws it away on third down. I’m guessing that was pretty much a concession — if his first read wasn’t there, throw it away and you’ve got Szmyt automatic from 40.

• Walker left for 3 yards. And then a really good play by Hartman to pull it down on an RPO and run up the middle for 12 yards.

I was frantically writing a really good lede at this point, lemme tell ya.

(now please laugh with me)

• Man the first-down play — I don’t think that’s necessarily a poor play by Hartman or Hinton. Would’ve helped if the throw had a little less velocity on it. Hinton got both hands on it though, had a good chance to catch it.

• This isn’t breaking news, but Trill Williams just makes a play. If it wasn’t revealing enough to hear Clawson and players talk about how much they hated it for Hinton, watching teammate after teammate console him should illustrate it.

For the record, I hate it for him too.

Well, at least he gets one more game.

Thanks for reading, especially so much later after the game that this was published.

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