The Birmingham Bowl was how long ago?

Sometimes it feels like last week, other times it feels like two years. Perspective matters little now, though, with football upon us again.

The ACC’s media days are slated for next week, the bulk of the action set for Wednesday and Thursday. Wednesday is the Atlantic Division’s day in the spotlight, so that’s the day I’ll be in Charlotte.

Amid the circus that Clemson will bring to the Westin Charlotte, the rest of the division will be there, too. That means it’ll be the day to talk to Coach Dave Clawson and seniors Cade Carney and Justin Strnad about the upcoming season and all things Deacons football.

ACC media day also means it’s time to vote for the preseason All-ACC team and pick a predicted order of finish in the league. Voting opens Tuesday, but when you’ve had magazines from Phil Steele and Athlon sitting in your living room for a month (and haven’t played enough golf), you don’t need to wait until next week to formulate your picks.

So here’s how I plan to vote next week:

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