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Florida coach Dan Mullen celebrates in front of fans as he leaves the field after the Gators' win over Auburn. 

Upsets are coming.

Much like winter — pour some out for Game of Thrones, despite what it devolved into — some of these top 10 teams are going to start losing. And I don’t just mean Auburn folding on the road to another top-10 team.

I don’t know if it’s going to happen next week, or the following week. But this is going to get weird, and it’s going to happen sooner rather than later.

The ACC Coastal Division and #Pac12afterdark can only sustain our love of weird, wacky, wild college football games for so long.

Here’s the ballot I filed this week:

1. Clemson (5-0)

Last week: off

Next: vs. Florida State

2. Alabama (5-0)

Last week: off

Next: at Texas A&M

3. Georgia (5-0)

Last week: won at Tennessee 43-14

Next: vs. South Carolina

4. Ohio State (6-0)

Last week: beat Michigan State 34-10

Next: off (at Northwestern on Oct. 18)

5. LSU (5-0)

Last week: beat Utah State 42-6

Next: vs. Florida

My take: Georgia methodically dismantled Tennessee, while Ohio State’s throttling of Michigan State was more sudden.

Ohio State might be the better team between the two of them. Saturday was my first chance to really watch the Buckeyes and man, it was impressive. Justin Fields and Chase Young have got to be among the most-dynamic offense-defense duos in the country, respectively.

But here’s where I can’t justify ranking Ohio State ahead of Georgia: Ohio State has beaten six mostly mediocre teams. Cincinnati might crack my rankings next week. Otherwise, the Buckeyes haven’t played a team even close to matching its talent level.

Georgia beat Notre Dame. For me, that’s enough to be the difference.

Surprised, but I guess I shouldn’t be, that Utah State didn’t stand much of a chance against LSU.

6. Oklahoma (5-0)

Last week: won at Kansas 45-20

Next: vs. Texas (in Dallas)

7. Wisconsin (5-0)

Last week: beat Kent State 48-0

Next: vs. Michigan State

8. Penn State (5-0)

Last week: beat Purdue 35-7

Next: at Iowa

9. Florida (6-0)

Last week: beat Auburn 24-13

Next: at LSU

10. Notre Dame (4-1)

Last week: beat Bowling Green 52-0

Next: vs. USC

My take: Jalen Hurts and Oklahoma keep chugging through teams, and now it’ll get really interesting to see if they can keep it going in the Red River Shootout. I think it’s overrated Texas team, but, uh … take the over, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Wisconsin and Penn State keep blowing out teams too, and that’s part of the reason I didn’t jump Florida ahead of them this week. Beating Auburn was impressive, sure. But Florida has hardly been impressive all season — whereas Wisconsin and Penn State have both been dominant (for the most part).

Kind of a strangely scheduled game for Notre Dame, but I guess it’s a nice tune-up for what could be a dangerous game against USC (which is coming off an off week).

11. Texas (4-1)

Last week: won at West Virginia 42-31

Next: vs. Oklahoma (in Dallas)

12. Auburn (5-1)

Last week: lost at Florida 24-13

Next: off (at Arkansas on Oct. 19)

13. Oregon (4-1)

Last week: beat California 17-7

Next: vs. Colorado (Oct. 11)

14. Utah (4-1)

Last week: off

Next: at Oregon State

15. Michigan (4-1)

Last week: beat Iowa 10-3

Next: at Illinois

My take: Michigan isn’t apparently dead yet, but Iowa’s offense is.

It really did come down to Auburn and Oregon, and I kept Auburn in front because of the head-to-head win in the first game of the season. Well, and because Oregon has maybe, maybe, quality win by beating California.

Texas beat a strange West Virginia that seems difficult to figure out — or maybe the N.C. State team it ran past is just flat out bad.

16. Boise State (5-0)

Last week: won at UNLV 38-13

Next: vs. Hawaii

17. Memphis (5-0)

Last week: won at UL Monroe 52-33

Next: at Temple

18. Wake Forest (5-0)

Last week: off

Next: vs. Louisville

19. Arizona State (4-1)

Last week: off

Next: vs. Washington State

20. Iowa (4-1)

Last week: lost at Michigan 10-3

Next: vs. Penn State

My take: Boise State was solid against a bad team, and next week’s game against Hawaii should be a bigger test.

Memphis keeps rolling and, like Boise State, will get a stiffer test next week. Wake Forest and Arizona State bump up a couple of spots each because teams in front of them lost — not bad for winning the off week.

Iowa probably should drop further, because the Hawkeyes’ best win is a one-point win over Iowa State. But I can’t justify putting two-loss Washington ahead of Iowa, Oklahoma State lost its second game and as thrilling as the SMU game was, it needed three OTs to beat a two-win Tulsa team.

21. Baylor (5-0)

Last week: won at Kansas State 31-12

Next: vs. Texas Tech

22. SMU (6-0)

Last week: beat Tulsa 43-37, 3 OTs

Next: off (vs. Temple on Oct. 19)

23. Cincinnati (4-1)

Last week: beat UCF 27-24 (Oct. 4)

Next: at Houston

24. Appalachian State (4-0)

Last week: off

Next: at UL Lafayette (Oct. 9)

25. Virginia (4-1)

Last week: off

Next: at Miami (Oct. 11)

My take: Baylor finally beat a quality opponent.

I think Cincinnati beat a quality opponent too, but even if it was the fake national champions of two years ago, a two-loss AAC team doesn’t register too high in terms of impressiveness. You hate to see it, right?

SMU certainly didn’t win any style points by being pushed to fourth-and-game several times, falling on the right side of that tightrope each time and benefiting from Tulsa’s mistakes and missed kicks. But the Mustangs are 6-0 and have scored over 40 points in every game — they’re legit, just had a subpar game and still managed to win.

On the cusp (in no particular order):

Minnesota (5-0)

Last week: beat Illinois 40-17

Next: vs. Nebraska

Pittsburgh (4-2)

Last week: won at Duke 33-30

Next: off (at Syracuse on Oct. 18)

Iowa State (3-2)

Last week: beat TCU 49-24

Next: at West Virginia

Tulane (4-1)

Last week: beat at Army 42-33

Next: vs. UConn

Hawaii (4-1)

Last week: off

Next: at Boise State

USC (3-2)

Last week: off

Next: at Notre Dame

Dropped out:

17. Washington (4-2)

Last week: lost at Stanford 23-13

Next: at Arizona

21. Oklahoma State (4-2)

Last week: lost at Texas Tech 45-35

Next: off (vs. Baylor on Oct. 19)

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