Clemson has won 25 straight games, is the reigning national champion and has played one close game this season.

Clemson doesn’t control how good the rest of the ACC is, isn’t scoring 70 points per game like we all thought it would but has a better defense than a year ago despite losing its defensive line to the NFL.

I am stubborn and I’m keeping Clemson at No. 1 until it loses.

But geez, what a game (I missed) at Alabama. Joe Burrow is now the clear frontrunner for the Heisman and LSU’s toughest remaining test — at least in the regular season — is a finale against Texas A&M.

And, um … hello Minnesota.

Here’s the ballot I filed this week:

1. Clemson (10-0)

Last week: won at N.C. State 55-10

Next: vs. Wake Forest

2. LSU (9-0)

Last week: won at Alabama 46-41

Next: at Mississippi

3. Ohio State (9-0)

Last week: beat Maryland 73-14

Next: at Rutgers

4. Minnesota (9-0)

Last week: beat Penn State 31-26

Next: at Iowa

5. Georgia (8-1)

Last week: beat Missouri 27-0

Next: at Auburn

My take: I made this point two weeks ago, I think, that it’s really incredible to look at Minnesota’s first four games compared to the next four. In the first four, the Gophers beat “heavyweights” such as Fresno State and Georgia Southern by three, South Dakota State and Purdue by seven.

In the four games before beating Penn State, Minnesota won four Big Ten games by a combined 168-41. And now Minnesota has a signature win against Penn State.

The Gophers are for real, though it won’t get much easier: With a target on their backs, they’ve still got to go to Iowa this week and end the regular season against Wisconsin — not sure how much of a trap game is in between with Northwestern falling off a cliff this season.

[this is where we laugh at Maryland]

I wish I had been able to watch the LSU game. I’ve read up on it as much I could. Again, Burrow has to be the clear-cut frontrunner for the Heisman — especially with Chase Young’s status up in the air.

6. Oregon (8-1)

Last week: off

Next: vs. Arizona

7. Utah (8-1)

Last week: off

Next: vs. UCLA

8. Baylor (9-0)

Last week: won at TCU 29-23, 3 OTs

Next: vs. Oklahoma

9. Penn State (8-1)

Last week: lost at Minnesota 31-26

Next: vs. Indiana

10. Alabama (8-1)

Last week: lost to LSU 46-41

Next: at Mississippi State

My take: The Pac-12 has two one-loss teams and not a single two- or three-loss team.

Baylor survived a low-scoring game and high-scoring overtime (those games are the best kind of weird), and maybe it can prove itself in the same way that Minnesota did next week. I’m not sure how many people gave the Gophers a chance against Penn State (I know I didn’t), and I’m not sure how many will give the Bears a chance against Oklahoma … and we saw how things worked out there.

Penn State and Alabama tumble to here — and the Nittany Lions probably have a better shot, with a game left against Ohio State, to get back into the CFP conversation.

11. Oklahoma (8-1)

Last week: beat Iowa State 42-41

Next: at Baylor

12. Auburn (7-2)

Last week: off

Next: vs. Georgia

13. Michigan (7-2)

Last week: off

Next: vs. Michigan State

14. Florida (8-2)

Last week: beat Vanderbilt 56-0

Next: at Missouri

15. Cincinnati (8-1)

Last week: beat UConn 48-3

Next: at South Florida

My take: This was kind of a weird week in that there was a shakeup at the top and bottom, at least of my poll, but the middle kind of remained steady.

I didn’t jump Oklahoma into the top 10 because it’s not like Penn State and Alabama took bad losses. Also, to be filed away: That Iowa State with Brock Purdy as a junior is going to be really good next year.

Florida and Cincinnati won conference games by a combined 104-3 — hey, at least Randy Edsall’s team was the one that scored (unfortunately for him, his prop-bet contract doesn’t award points for just scoring).

16. Notre Dame (7-2)

Last week: won at Duke 38-7

Next: vs. Navy

17. Wisconsin (7-2)

Last week: beat Iowa 24-22

Next: at Nebraska

18. Memphis (8-1)

Last week: off

Next: at Houston

19. Boise State (8-1)

Last week: beat Wyoming 20-17

Next: vs. New Mexico

20. SMU (9-1)

Last week: beat East Carolina 59-51

Next: off (at Navy on Nov. 23)

My take: I appealed to the AP to create a chasm in my ballot between 19 and, like, 23.

OK, I didn’t really, but there was a lot of wreckage to sort through in here.

I probably shouldn’t have dropped SMU out of my rankings for losing at Memphis in a wild atmosphere. So maybe this is now an overcorrection to bump them all the way back to 20th for beating East Carolina.

But … whatever. I’ll re-evaluate on a weekly basis.

I tried to stay up with Boise State after getting back from Blacksburg — I tuned out when it was headed to overtime.

21. Appalachian State (8-1)

Last week: won at South Carolina 20-15

Next: at Georgia State

22. Wake Forest (7-2)

Last week: lost at Virginia Tech 36-17

Next: at Clemson

23. Indiana (7-2)

Last week: off

Next: at Penn State

24. Texas (6-3)

Last week: beat Kansas State 27-24

Next: at Iowa State

25. Virginia (7-3)

Last week: beat Georgia Tech 33-28

Next: off (vs. Liberty on Nov. 23)

My take: Another possible overcorrection in bumping App State not only back into the poll, but up to 21st. But the Mountaineers lost a three-point game in awful conditions to a rival — that’s not that bad of a loss.

Wake Forest stays in because it’s still a two-loss Power 5 conference team with a dynamic offense that was missing one of its best playmakers and faced a buzz saw in Bud Foster Day. Now … the Deacons are up against things next week, but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

Texas and Virginia make returns here — the Longhorns because that’s a good win against a good Kansas State team, the Cavaliers because … who else?

Seriously, I’m open to suggestions.

On the cusp (in no particular order):

Navy (7-1)

Last week: off

Next: at Notre Dame

Air Force (7-2)

Last week: (game at New Mexico postponed)

Next: at Colorado State

Virginia Tech (6-3)

Last week: beat Wake Forest 36-17

Next: at Georgia Tech

Pittsburgh (6-3)

Last week: off

Next: vs. UNC (Nov. 14)

Dropped out:

17. Kansas State (6-3)

Last week: lost at Texas 27-24

Next: vs. West Virginia

18. Iowa (6-3)

Last week: lost at Wisconsin 24-22

Next: vs. Minnesota

23. San Diego State (7-2)

Last week: lost to Nevada 17-13

Next: vs. Fresno State (Nov. 15)

24. UCF (7-3)

Last week: lost at Tulsa 34-31 (Nov. 8)

Next: off (at Tulane on Nov. 23)

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