AJ Dillon scored a touchdown, better drop Clemson.

Oklahoma lost and its defense was the same as it ever was, better drop Clemson.

Alabama called off the dogs against, better drop Clemson.

This is me thinking, along with K’Von Wallace, that Clemson keeps demolishing opponents and keeps dropping in the poll. Clemson was the best team in the country entering the season and one one-point road win more than a month ago hasn’t changed that.

The Tigers were a great team entering the season. Fellow voters dropping them while they win only makes for an angry Clemson.

I get the argument that LSU and Ohio State have beaten better teams than any of the ones Clemson has dispatched. Alabama hasn't. 

Oh well. Trying to figure it out is like trying to figure out why you’d call a pop pass from the 2-yard line with 18 seconds left.

Here’s the ballot I filed this week:

1. Clemson (8-0)

Last week: beat Boston College 59-7

Next: vs. Wofford

2. Alabama (8-0)

Last week: beat Arkansas 48-7

Next: off (vs. LSU on Nov. 9)

3. LSU (8-0)

Last week: beat Auburn 23-20

Next: off (at Alabama on Nov. 9)

4. Ohio State (8-0)

Last week: beat Wisconsin 38-7

Next: off (vs. Maryland on Nov. 9)

5. Penn State (8-0)

Last week: won at Michigan State 28-7

Next: off (at Minnesota on Nov. 9)

My take: I don’t think I need to keep harping on Clemson, so I won’t.

Alabama did more than survive without Tua Tagovailoa — thanks in part to a receiver corps that actually feels undervalued — and now gets an off week to rest him before the SEC West Super Bowl in two weeks.

LSU certainly got the tougher test of those two teams and didn’t really have all systems firing in sync until midway through the third quarter against Auburn. But, drumroll please, welcometoDeathValleywhereopponents’dreamscometodie.

(Coach O is a national treasure)

I know we do this every year with the-most dominant defensive player in the country, and this year will be no different, but Ohio State’s Chase Young deserves a spot in the early November Heisman discussions. In eight games, he has 13½ sacks, 15½ tackles for loss and five forced fumbles.

And geez, hello Penn State and its climb with a string of good-not-great wins. A week off, and then trips to Minnesota and Ohio State in two of three weeks, will set the stage for Penn State to make the CFP.

6. Oregon (7-1)

Last week: beat Washington State 37-35

Next: at USC

7. Utah (7-1)

Last week: beat California 35-0

Next: at Washington

8. Georgia (6-1)

Last week: off

Next: vs. Florida (in Jacksonville)

9. Florida (7-1)

Last week: off

Next: vs. Georgia (in Jacksonville)

10. Baylor (7-0)

Last week: off

Next: vs. West Virginia (Oct. 31)

My take: Oregon certainly didn’t make things easy on itself — Utah did by blowing out a scuffling California team — but these are two Pac-12 teams that supply hope the conference isn’t inept across the board.

(sorry for that, it is basketball season)

Georgia and Florida get to the play the winner-stays-in-the-CFP-discussion game next week after off weeks, and they’ll serve as the SEC’s warmup before its Super Bowl.

And yeah, Baylor and Minnesota (see below) deserve to be voted ahead of one-loss Oklahoma. They’re probably not going to stay unbeaten — Baylor still has to play Oklahoma and Texas (both at home, mind you) and Minnesota still has to play Penn State, Iowa and Wisconsin — but they are to this point.

11. Minnesota (8-0)

Last week: beat Maryland 52-10

Next: off (vs. Penn State on Nov. 9)

12. Oklahoma (7-1)

Last week: lost at Kansas State 48-41

Next: off (vs. Iowa State on Nov. 9)

13. Auburn (6-2)

Last week: lost at LSU 23-20

Next: vs. Mississippi

14. Michigan (6-2)

Last week: beat Notre Dame 45-14

Next: at Maryland

15. Cincinnati (6-1)

Last week: off

Next: at East Carolina

My take: Minnesota’s scoring differential is fun to examine: In the Gophers’ first four games, they won by a combined 20 points against the likes of South Dakota State (really good, but FCS), Fresno State (3-4), Georgia Southern (4-3) and Purdue (2-6).

In the Gophers’ last four games, they won by a combined 127 points against the likes of Illinois (4-4), Nebraska (4-4), Rutgers (2-6) and Maryland (3-5).

So, clearly not a murderers’ row in either four-game stretch — but clearly a team that’s gathered more steam as it’s gotten deeper into the schedule.

Oklahoma, I mean … not sure where that defense went.

Auburn doesn’t fall too far because its two losses are to teams ahead of it here, while Michigan has only lost to one of the teams above it and the other is still ranked.

16. Appalachian State (7-0)

Last week: won at South Alabama 30-3

Next: vs. Georgia Southern (Oct. 31)

17. SMU (8-0)

Last week: won at Houston 34-31 (Oct. 24)

Next: at Memphis

18. Iowa (6-2)

Last week: won at Northwestern 20-0

Next: off (at Wisconsin on Nov. 9)

19. Notre Dame (5-2)

Last week: lost at Michigan 45-14

Next: vs. Virginia Tech

20. Wisconsin (6-2)

Last week: lost at Ohio State 38-7

Next: off (vs. Iowa on Nov. 9)

My take: The challenges seem to be coming one at a time for App State — play better defense, win as a ranked team, win a road game as a considerable favorite. All of those have had resounding answers in the affirmative, and now the challenge becomes to win on short rest.

Less than impressive game from SMU for the second time in the last three games, but the Mustangs survived against the team that’s tanking. Congrats.

Iowa and Wisconsin get weeks off to try and sustain momentum and try to regroup, respectively.

Notre Dame slots in between them because the Irish — despite Brian Kelly’s miserable game plans in the rain — have wins against three good teams (Louisville, Virginia and USC). Iowa and Wisconsin have beaten three good teams combined (and I’m realizing Notre Dame should probably be ahead of Iowa in light of that).

21. Kansas State (5-2)

Last week: beat Oklahoma 48-41

Next: at Kansas

22. Wake Forest (6-1)

Last week: off

Next: vs. N.C. State

23. Boise State (6-1)

Last week: off

Next: at San Jose State

24. San Diego State (7-1)

Last week: won at UNLV 20-17

Next: off (vs. Nevada on Nov. 9)

25. UCF (6-2)

Last week: won at Temple 63-21

Next: vs. Houston

My take: Kansas State isn’t a bad team, and certainly a team that knocks off Oklahoma is a good team.

Wake Forest and Boise State get slight bumps up after not playing.

San Diego State wasn’t that difficult of a choice for the 24th spot because I think defense should get the nod for the Group of 5 teams with one or two losses. San Diego State beat a UCLA team that isn’t completely awful and has only allowed more than 20 points twice this year — in a loss to Utah State and a 26-22 win over Wyoming.

That 25th spot was one of the toughest to pick this year, but it goes to UCF for obliterating a decent Temple team in the second half. I really, really wanted to put Memphis or Indiana in there, but Memphis was a hooked 29-yard field goal away from losing to now 2-6 Tulsa and Indiana’s six wins have come against some comically bad teams (hello UConn, Rutgers and Eastern Illinois, which is 0-9).

Eastern Illinois is the only 0-9 team in college football, by the way. In any level — FBS, FCS, D-II, D-III. Take that information and do with what you will.

On the cusp (in no particular order):

Memphis (7-1)

Last week: won at Tulsa 42-41

Next: vs. SMU

Indiana (6-2)

Last week: won at Nebraska 38-31

Next: vs. Northwestern

Washington (5-3)

Last week: off

Next: vs. Utah

Dropped out:

19. Texas (5-3)

Last week: lost at TCU 37-27

Next: off (vs. Kansas State on Nov. 9)

22. Iowa State (5-3)

Last week: lost to Oklahoma State 34-27

Next: off (at Oklahoma on Nov. 9)

25. Virginia (5-3)

Last week: lost at Louisville 28-21

Next: at North Carolina

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