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Coach Scott Satterfield talks to Louisville quarterback Micale Cunningham, right, and wide receiver Justin Marshall during the Cardinals' game against Florida State this season. 

Former Appalachian State coach Scott Satterfield earned an important win on Saturday night with Louisville.

Satterfield, the head coach of the Mountaineers from 2013 to 2018, helped to lead the Cardinals in an away victory over No. 19 Wake Forest. Louisville is 4-2, and 2-1 in the ACC, in Satterfield's first season.

Watch Satterfield's postgame press conference here:

Here are the topics he covered:

- On what the win means for the program (0:11)

- On the victory in comparison to last week, when Louisville beat Boston College, 41-39 (1:07)

- On Evan Conley, a freshman quarterback who threw 196 yards and two touchdowns after coming off the bench (1:45)

- On the quarterback keeper Conley scored on to give Louisville a 62-52 lead, a play that Satterfield used at App State frequently, like in the 2018 Sun Belt Championship game with App State quarterback Zac Thomas (2:19)

And here's video of that Thomas touchdown against Louisiana on Dec. 1. 

- On worrying about giving a freshman QB that many reads on an option play (2:47)

- On team improvement since the season opener (2:58)

- On his anxiety level during Wake Forest's onside kick, special teams and winning the turnover battle (3:32)

- On scoring more than 100 combined points in Louisville's last two games (4:42)

- On the fact that this win might have helped App State become ranked (5:05)

- On the Louisville hands team for onside returns (5:31)

- On the amount of reviews in the game (5:56)

- On how much this win helps team confidence for upcoming games against Clemson and Virginia (6:30)

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