Scott Satterfield as App State's head coach in 2012. 

This debut won’t be as rattling for Scott Satterfield as his last one, but he’ll definitely have his typical pregame jitters as kickoff approaches.

Satterfield will coach in his first game for Louisville on Monday, hosting a Notre Dame team that’s ranked ninth in the nation. Catching up with the Journal a couple weeks ago, the former Appalachian State head coach, assistant and player said he couldn’t be ready enough for the matchup, which will air at 8 p.m. on ESPN.

“As a coach, you always feel like you want more time to prepare and to continue to practice and to continue to get better, but we’ve got to play at some point,” Satterfield said. “. . . We’ve still got a couple guys dinged a little bit. Hopefully we’ll get those guys back over the next couple of days and then really start honing in.”

Satterfield said he still battles a little anxiousness before games (though it’s never noticeable), even after 20-plus years in college football. But this one, he said, won’t be as daunting as his first.

In his debut season as App State’s head coach in 2013, Satterfield led the Mountaineers to Montana for the opener. It was a top-20 matchup, and it resulted in a 30-6 defeat for Appalachian. The Mountaineers finished 4-8 that year as they began their FBS transition.

“I think that was probably a little bit more nerve wracking for me because that was my first time as a head coach,” Satterfield said. “That was probably the big difference. Now having been a head coach for many years now, that part of it is a little different.”

There’s plenty of buildup for the Cardinals opener as well -- it’s the start of a new era against a traditional power that made the College Football Playoff last year. Satterfield, in a short amount of time, has breathed life into a program that fell stagnant under Bobby Petrino. The Cardinals went 2-10 last season and still have a long way to go.

And as an interesting side note, Satterfield’s old coach will be there to watch. Jerry Moore and his wife, Margaret, will be in attendance to root on the multiple former App State guys who now work in Louisville.

Satterfield, who helped App State win three Sun Belt titles and three bowls games (he didn’t coach App State in the New Orleans Bowl last season), is excited for his coach to be there.

“There’s a lot of guys that are here that he’s worked with or coached or been around, and for him to be able to come up and to see some of his guys is kind of what he wanted to do,” Satterfield said. “. . . It just kind of works out for several of these people that have kind of supported our program over the years, and also for him to support some guys that he worked with and coached for all these years. It’s pretty neat for me to be able to have him come up here and be around us.”

Added Satterfield on Moore: "I think that the things that I do as a coach now, so many of those things are what I learned from him, in watching him coach and being around him in the meeting rooms and how he handled situations and all those things. That’s who I learned it from. And that’s how we do things here. And we still reference him all the time. I would say every other day there’s some sort of reference to the way that we did things at App and the way Coach did it. So that’s a testament to him."

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