Yosef's Golden Ale

App State and Appalachian Mountain Brewery's new beer, Yosef's Golden Ale. 

Friday was a treat for me.

That morning, I went to Jerry Moore's house and spent a couple of hours with the old Appalachian State football coach. If you get my newsletter, you already knew that (and if you don't get the newsletter, sign up at the bottom of this link). 

But on top of that, I ended my day in Boone by purchasing some Yosef Golden Ale.

The new beer, a product created by a partnership between App State and Appalachian Mountain Brewery, was announced on Aug. 14 and is being sold at AMB's tasting room.

After getting to watch another Mountaineers football practice, I made my way over to AMB with David Ware, the publisher for App State Mania, for my first taste.

But before handing out my opinion on the new drink, some poll results. This weekend, after I tried Yosef Golden Ale for the first time, I asked you guys on Twitter how you preferred your beer. Here are the results. 

I agree with you folks who said you prefer it on tap, but under one stipulation: It has to absolutely, positively frigid. I like cold beer, and there's no substitute. For the roughly 40 people that didn't vote for beer on tap, why? Who hurt you? Do you guys need to talk? I'm here for you.

Anyway, I thought it was important to try it both on tap (on Friday afternoon with David) and in a can (on Sunday afternoon with my wife's cousin) to really get a sense of this beer. 

First, the can, as many of you have seen by now, is well done with its label. I've always thought the simplicity of the App State logo and the school’s color scheme really allows the programs to thrive with its uniforms and general memorabilia. The can carries that same no-nonsense attitude and puts the white Block A right in the middle. 

And now, the taste. In the school's release last week, AMB master brewer Nathan Kelischek called the beer “a light ale that embodies the essence of mountain life.” I have no idea how to confirm that, but I think it is a very smooth drink that's beautifully golden and not heavy at all. If you're a fan of AMB like I am, you've probably had the Boone Creek Blonde, which I would venture to guess is their most popular. The Yosef Golden Ale reminds me of that except it takes your palette a step further, giving the drinker a nice note of hopiness at the end. 

I think this is a drink most beer drinkers can and should like. And while we were enjoying our beers Friday, David brought up a great point: the beer gives fans a nice craft brew to pair with whatever macro-produced beer App State eventually brings into Kidd Brewer Stadium. 

So if you're rambling around, having already enjoyed a couple big-company brews, then decide you want something that's not so baseline, you've got it. And Yosef Golden Ale is an easy enough drink — it's got a 4.2% ABV, which is a pretty standard number — to enjoy moderately and not feel wobbly. 

Go get some for yourself soon. I'm sure I'll have another one in the future. 

Maybe I should just start using AMB as home base for my Boone bureau.

My God, what a brilliant idea. 

Hopefully I'll see some of you there at some point or another. That'd be a treat too.

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