Ethan's welcome letter

So I spent a lot of time on Twitter today. And like most such days, it was really disappointing. 

Let me tell you why: There was a lot of disappointment from App State's 56-41 win against Charlotte on Saturday. Especially with the defense, which looked uncharacteristically bad in many ways.

It was a victory, and the Mountaineers are now 2-0. But not even Darrynton Evan's heroic four-touchdown performance could erase the defensive unease.

But man, looking all around and seeing "fire Ted Roof" all over the place blew my mind. Roof, the first-year defensive coordinator for Appalachian, is only two games into his Mountaineer tenure. Could you imagine if others watched us in the first couple days of our jobs and decided whether we should be fired that soon?

Now I also get that Roof isn't some young up-and-comer. He's been doing this coaching thing since the late 1980s. He's been a defensive coordinator at more than a few schools now. The product should've been better on Saturday, and I'm sure Roof would have no problem saying that either.

But just because he has all that experience doesn't mean he understands how to use these players perfectly right away. There's no way the on-field product could look the same as the previous leadership's, no matter how many returning starters there are.

I tried to make the argument for a little human compassion. I said Roof was a nice guy in the interview setting. And I also tried to point out that Scott Satterfield faced a lot of criticism when he started as head coach, and Bryan Brown was too young to become a defensive coordinator. They turned out fine (though that is different because they were guys that came out of the App State program), so maybe a little time would help everyone out, including Roof.

But that didn't really help. Think I'm going to let that die down for a bit. And even though media won't get to speak with Roof and the defensive assistants on Monday, we'll get to check in with Coach Eli Drinkwitz again and see what else has been learned. 

To brighten things up a bit, check out this story on Jalen Virgil. He's playing well to start the season and feeling confident with how things are working for him right now.

Some quick beer numbers

Got some beer numbers from App State last week. 

On Friday, I learned that 6,030 cans of beer were purchased at App State’s season opener on Sept. 1. Thirty-five percent (about 2,110 cans) of that was Yosef Golden Ale.

That means nearly $18,995 (at $9 per can) was spent on YGA alone.

If the other 65 percent of beer cans purchased (3,920) were all domestic options (at $7 per can), you’re talking about an additional $27,440. If that 65 percent was made up of the craft options, you’re talking an additional $35,280.

So at the least, App State saw a total of $46,435 in beer purchases. At most, it was $54,275. That’s not profit. That’s purely the total money fans spent on beer that day.

I tweeted this info out when I got it, but I wanted to share it with you guys. That's a decent little chunk of change, but it'll take some time to figure out how much of that will turn into profit.

That's it this week, folks. I'll see you guys when it's App State-North Carolina game week.

Take care and thanks for reading,


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