Frank McNally

Frank McNally has a product in the Grammys swag bags.

The Grammy Awards are about music, yes, but they are also about the music business, and gift bags with goodies — swag — for the attending celebrities are a big part of the behind-the-scenes party.

Not only are two area musicians in the running for a Grammy, but a Reynolds High School alumnus has a product in the swag bags.

Frank McNally — Reynolds class of ‘98 — is the chief operating officer of Movemints, LLC, in Pittsburgh, Penn. Movemints allow Invisalign patients to freshen their breath while wearing clear aligners or retainers. They are sugar-free and contain xylitol.

They will be distributed to presenters, performers and members of the press as part of the 61st Grammy Awards celebration.

McNally, 38, first got the entrepreneurial bug when his sister, Catharine McNally, launched her startup, Keen Guides, in 2009.

“We learned so much in that process, and one of my greatest lessons was that you don’t need permission from somebody else to build a business,” he said. “With hard work and hustle — and a whole lot of googling — you can get very far if your concept solves a problem for people.

“Movemints isn’t even my full time job, just something I do at night and on weekends. I have sacrificed free time I could otherwise spend with friends and family, but it’s been worth it to have ownership of something, to lay out a plan and execute it to the best of my ability. ... Applying everything I’ve learned to my full time job is a nice benefit as well!”

He is a director at Public Spend Forum, which connects buyers and suppliers in the public sector. He does content marketing and training for the company.

Distinctive Assets, which has produced the Grammy gift bags for 20 years, identified Movemints after discovering the company’s Instagram account.

“I have a few friends using Invisalign, and I know they can use these. I’ve never seen anything like Movemints before,” said Cybele Parsignault of Distinctive Assets.

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