Just maybe ...

Politifact keeps a running list of lies told by President Trump (https://www.politifact.com/personalities/donald-trump/statements/byruling/false/). So far it’s 14 pages long with about 20 lies per page.

It’s rather conservative; other news organizations have counted upward of 15,000 lies.

On Monday, Trump tweeted that his hand-picked former national security adviser, John Bolton, was lying about Trump’s interaction with Ukraine. Incidentally, by making his attack public, the “very stable genius” has legally waived any claim to executive privilege. He can’t stop Bolton from testifying.

According to Trump, everyone he personally picked to be in his inner circle, the “very best people” he promised to hire, who has since spoken against him is lying. All of them.

Hey, just a thought — hear me out here — maybe Trump is the liar. Maybe he’s a corrupt, selfish cheater who tried to use his position to bribe Ukraine into attacking his most-feared political opponent, Joe Biden. Maybe he should not only be impeached, but removed from office for the shame he’s brought on the presidency, on the White House and on the country.

Duncan Mason


‘Toothless tigers’

Regarding the rival gun rights resolutions that the Forsyth County commissioners will consider on Feb. 6, these resolutions are “toothless tigers,” because federal gun law ultimately controls both state and county level provisions. Forsyth County may not opt out of federal and state gun laws, whether designated as a so-called “Second Amendment Sanctuary” or not. But the negative impact of its symbolic nature — if adopted — should not be underestimated.

Many countries now issue travel advisories, warning their citizens that the United States is a “gun society,” and that traveling to the U.S. may expose them to gunfire incidents and violence regardless of location. Asian, European and several South American countries are among those that provide such warnings about our country at present. By declaring our county a “Second Amendment Sanctuary,” how likely are we to continue to be the type of draw for tourists and college students from other countries whose trade we rely on to support our local economy?

Also, when companies relocate from other geographic locations — seeking lower wage costs and a ready workforce — how likely are they to be attracted to a “Second Amendment Sanctuary”? With work-related gun violence increasing year after year, how many employers want to relocate to a place that embraces a “no-compromise” approach to gun ownership and gun safety?

Commissioners: Don’t buy into this symbolic but potentially detrimental initiative.

Mary Carmel Kaczmarek


Call witnesses

I am a Democrat and I believe there should be witnesses called from both sides. The Democrats and Republicans both need to agree to this.

If President Trump wants former Vice President Joe Biden called to testify, then Trump needs to testify, too. Otherwise, just let Hunter Biden and former National Security Adviser John Bolton be called and others as needed. That is the way it should work and be handled.

Also, enough with the Clinton impeachment and comparing it to Trump’s impeachment. One is over and done with and the current one is now taking place. Enough with the petty bickering from both sides!

RuthAnn Houk-Millhollin


Does it matter?

So the conservative argument is now “So what if President Trump tried to enlist Ukraine in his election scheme? It doesn’t matter.”

Does it matter that he lied about it? Does it matter that he covered up the truth and attacked those who called him out?

The fact that so many people support Trump despite all the evidence of his deep immorality and corruption is proof that America needs a lot of work in the moral realm.

It also reveals that evangelical Christianity has failed at that task.

Perry Mitchell


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