Misplaced faith

Now that the clear accusations in the whistleblower transcript have been verified by several witnesses who heard President Trump’s call to Ukraine first hand (including diplomat Gordon Sondland and Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman), it’s clear that Trump tried to solicit illicit election assistance from a foreign government — he wanted Ukraine to attack one of his political opponents to help sway the 2020 election his way. The only real question left is whether this violation of American tradition, democratic norms and the U.S. Constitution is worthy of impeachment.

Yes. Yes, it is.

It might be excusable for a president who made an error, realized his mistake and asked the American public for forgiveness. That won’t be Trump. He denies any wrongdoing and, in fact, claims that those who pointed out his sordid act are committing treason.

If America overlooks this act and refuses to hold Trump responsible, we’ll be telling him and future presidents — including Democrats — that it’s OK for them to use their office to promote their personal political goals. The office will be forever marred by corruption. We’ll be no better than Russia.

I realize there’s a segment of the population that has put its faith in Trump. It’s about time for them to realize that their faith was misplaced.

When you’re going down the wrong road, it’s better to stop and go back than to keep going.

Larry Host


The socialism solution

The writer of Nov. 11 letter “The Democratic candidates” declares that she will be voting for whomever the Democrats nominate for president because their candidates all promise to resolve the myriad alleged problems of climate, health care, guns, and presumably whatever else may raise its ugly head, while also concurrently eliminating the budget deficit that she believes to be the only result of President Trump’s tax cuts. This, of course, all will take huge sums of new tax money to be able to successfully accomplish these competing goals, but she conveniently ignores the question of where it all will come from — an example of the dream of socialism at its make-believe finest.

The estimated costs of the proposed new spending programs to supposedly solve all the problems that the Democrats say are facing the country run into trillions of dollars a year, and “tax the rich” is their uniform political platform answer for the bottomless source to finance all new government spending.

The problem with this alleged source of money is two-fold. First, it has been well documented that there is actually not enough wealth available in the upper echelons of our country’s “well-off” to provide the required additional tax receipts, so the middle class also will end up with a substantial tax increase. And second, the required increased taxation of both individuals and businesses will quickly devastate our nation’s presently robust economy, with an attendant return to the high unemployment levels experienced before Trump took office.

Richard Chase


Opinions vary

Opinions vary, of course, and some may think that President Trump’s attempt to enlist foreign assistance to sway the 2020 election his way just isn’t that big a deal. It’s wrong, some Republicans are already saying, but it’s not worth impeachment.

How about the rest, though? How about Trump’s initial attempt to hide his “quid pro quo” effort by having the transcript of his Ukraine call placed in a server where it might be overlooked? How about his attempts to obstruct justice by preventing figures in his administration from testifying? How about his efforts to have the identity of the first whistleblower revealed, apparently to cause him harm or intimidate other possible whistleblowers? How about his efforts to run a secret “shadow” state department, headed not by state officials or diplomats, but by his personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani? How about the way he ordered Giuliani to undermine official U.S. policy by lying about Ukraine diplomat Marie Yovanovich? How about the harm he did to Ukraine by withholding resources the country needed? How about the harm he did to America’s reputation by making it look “quid pro quo” corrupt? Is none of that worthy of impeachment?

No? If only we could catch him lying about a consensual sexual episode. Oh, wait.

Hank Boles


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