I am writing to express my disdain with your Nov. 24 front-page Scott Sexton column, “Father pitted against daughter.” I am uncertain as to why the Journal felt the need to publicize this case.

It is quite easy to make allegations against anyone at any time — particularly when the person making the allegations believes she will never be held to account for them. I long for the day that the defendant has to swear under oath, subject to the penalty of criminal perjury, that every one of her allegations is true — and when she has to prove beyond a preponderance of evidence that they are, in fact, true.

I hope this suit results in the vindication of Bradley Mack, a decent, honest and honorable man who is, and has always been, a good father to both his daughters.

Tamara Salmon

Alexandria, Va.

Salmon is the sister-in-law of Mack. — the editor

Praise for Trump

I was pleased to read about President Trump’s visit to Afghanistan. There’s no doubt that his presence there lifted the spirits of the troops and served as a reminder that we’re still thinking about them.

I also approve of the legislation Trump signed in support of the protesters in Hong Kong, who are fighting for the kind of democratic reforms that most Americans take for granted. Many worried that Trump wouldn’t support them, but he signed the legislation, even at the risk of angering Chinese officials.

I’m a liberal — one of those Democrats Trump is always running down. I don’t mind admitting when he does something right. I only wish there were more opportunities to do so. The notion that Democrats refuse to praise Trump because they’re jealous or because they hate him is a ridiculous bit of projection from Republicans who spent eight years panicking over President Obama’s every word. I’m quite willing to praise Trump when he does what’s right.

If only it would happen more often.

Ron F. Slater


A good man

“… The left sees family Biden as anti-corruption, the right sees it as corrupt liars,” says the writer of the Nov. 25 letter “No font of facts.”

Kurt Volker, the onetime envoy to Ukraine and a Republican witness for the impeachment hearings, during his impeachment testimony, under oath, said, “At the one in-person meeting I had with Mayor Giuliani on July 19, Mayor Giuliani raised and I rejected the conspiracy theory that Vice President Biden would have been influenced in his duties as vice president by money paid to his son. As I previously testified, I have known Vice President Biden for 24 years, he is an honorable man and I hold him in the highest regard.”

Republican strategist Ana Navarro recently tweeted, “Last thought of intensely political day ... I don’t care if @JoeBiden mis-speaks. He’s been making minor gaffes all his life. It’s not about lying or trying to offend. He’s decent, a man of substance. Trump on the other hand, doesn’t know a damn thing except how to lie and divide.”

South Carolina Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham once called Biden, “as good a man as God has ever created.”

So I doubt the letter writer truly speaks for “the right.” If he looks at Biden and sees a corrupt liar, maybe he needs new glasses.

Beverly M. Burton


A lot of mileage

President Trump got a lot of mileage out of whining about the unfairness of the impeachment hearings and how he had no opportunity to defend himself — despite having one of the largest Twitter presences in the world. But then when he was invited to participate, he declined.

So the man who tweeted a picture of his head on Rocky’s body is afraid to actually get in the ring. To mix my sports metaphors, that’s about par for the course.

I guess he gets more mileage out of whining to his cult.

Wendy Marshall


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