Only half the story

The good-news story from The Associated Press about sea turtles smashing nesting records (“Rare sea turtles smash nesting records,” July 14) is, as stated in the article, the result of positive actions taken 30 years ago: protecting nesting beaches and implementing turtle extruders on shrimp trawlers.

However, the article tells only half the story. The sex of hatchlings is determined by the temperature of the eggs during development. Because of rising temperatures, most hatchlings born today are female. With a lack of males, sea turtle populations will crash again in 30 years when these hatchlings are old enough to procreate. There is no reason to celebrate today.

Sue Freeman


His own country

“So interesting to see ‘Progressive’ Democrat Congresswomen, who originally came from countries whose governments are a complete and total catastrophe, the worst, most corrupt and inept anywhere in the world (if they even have a functioning government at all) ...” President Trump’s Sunday Twitter rampage began.

Wait — President Trump is saying that the U.S. government is a complete and total catastrophe? It’s the worst, most corrupt and inept anywhere in the world? (This is where most progressive Democratic congresswomen come from, after all.)

I really hate to see the president of the United States badmouth his own country this way.

Mary Linda Knox


Make authorities accountable

How many troubling reports about the horrible conditions in the immigration detention centers do we have to see and hear before changes are made?

The accounts are unacceptable, and the bill proposed by the U.S. House would have made the authorities accountable. Even so, money has been appropriated and must be used wisely and with transparency.

Putting children in cages, separating children from their parents for long periods of time, denying people hygiene supplies, showers and clean clothes — and providing sparse servings of food and water and limited space for sleeping — are a few examples of what is happening to thousands of human beings inside the U.S.

With immigrants being placed in for-profit facilities, there is no incentive to help with reunification. The judges, border patrols and case workers are overworked.

Yes, there is an unprecedented number of immigrants, but there is no leadership at the top to solve the problem. Members of both parties of Congress should enter all facilities and make collaborative reports for the public. The immigration problems at the southern border are nothing but abundantly cruel policies that have become crimes against humanity.

Carol Ashley


He lies

Oh, for crying out loud. President Trump is going to claim that his attacks on the female Democratic representatives weren’t racist (“Leave the U.S., Trump tells four liberal congresswomen,” July 15)? He’s just upset because they complain so much?

Who complains more than Trump?

On Monday, trying to defend his racist tweets from Sunday, Trump claimed that Rep. Ilhan Omar hates Israel. Since Trump said it, that must mean she likes Israel.

We’ve got to remember who is making these statements: the man who says he’ll protect pre-existing medical conditions while his administration is in court trying to end protections for pre-existing medical conditions; the man who says that China pays the tariffs that Americans pay. If he says it, it’s probably not true.

“If you’re not happy,” he said, “you can leave.” He wasn’t happy four years ago. He’s not happy now. He’s always complaining about the media or the “Democrat Party” or members of his own administration or our allies or Iran or Puerto Rico or s---hole countries or illegal immigrants. Why doesn’t he leave?

I think our country would be much safer and happier if Trump decided the time was right to resign and move to another country where he’d fit in much better — like Russia.

Al Nelson


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