Urban strategy

I attended all of the Cleveland Innovation meetings that were held at Cleveland Apartments, the 14th Street Recreation Center and Bethlehem Missionary Baptist Church. After reading Journal reporter Wesley Young’s ending statement summarizing his observations of the meetings (“Urban strategy: Renovate Cleveland Avenue Homes,” Sept. 27), I realized his interpretation of the participants views were in direct conflict with mine. Young quoted one attendee who wants to see parking lots, porches and sidewalks, which is not a bad idea, but it misses the substance of the meetings. Young’s account seems very condescending and I only say this because what I heard was entirely different.

What I heard was a need for the following: a co-op grocery store, a multi-purpose building that would house an early childhood center and a pre-school for children three and older. This center would also have shops and small businesses that service the community.

Since the program is designed for renting apartments and townhouses, people expressed a desire to see a program from day one designed to teach and encourage home ownership. These are just a few of the ideas that came out of these meetings.

Bob Wilson


His own world

President Trump and his world survive on two things: blood and oxygen.

Blood is his money, oxygen is his legal counsel. He has created a make-believe world from his own interpretation.

Money has always been a lifeline to his existence. He created a world from his mind in which what he conceived as good was good and what was bad was bad. His money gave him access to his legal direction that created his world, which he believes is real.

Michael Gerson in the Sept. 28 Journal (“Impeachment process is now inevitable”) seems to have hit the nail on the head: “He has spent so many years in the trash heap of corruption that he can no longer recognize the stench.”

When the body loses either its blood or its oxygen it soon expires.

Gene Graham


Denied life

Having read letters and columns in the Journal concerning gun and opioid deaths, I agree that we must do something. However, I feel I must address “the American Holocaust” — the number of people denied life by abortion since 1973.

The number is staggering. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention puts the number at 39,677,403; but since 1998, at least three states, Washington D.C., and New York City don’t report their figures, since reporting is voluntary. The Guttmacher Instittue, which receives figures directly from abortion clinics, reports a figure of 60,942,033.

Were we to add up all our gun deaths, opioid deaths and military deaths for the last 120 years, they could not equal the lives lost to abortion in these last 43 years. It seems as though those who advocate “choice” refuse to even consider whether abortion is murder in God’s eyes.

The word we translate “kill” in the Sixth Commandment is the Hebrew word “ratsach,” or “murder,” which indicates the taking of a human life. It is premeditated. Whereas the Hebrew word “sachat” is more generic and means to “slaughter” or “massacre,” as in animal sacrifice or war.

As a nation, do we even care enough to consider these things? What if this calling such a murder a “right” is defying God? God will forgive even this if individually and as a nation we confess this as a sin and repent. But that would require some backbone.

Julia C. Daniels


Insecure supporters

I really don’t understand how anyone can feel or think that President Trump should represent this country.

Even if they agree with his agenda, he sullies that agenda with his lying, narcissism, vindictiveness, etc., etc., on and on.

This is not a quality person!

Are his supporters so insecure about their agenda that they accept this guy? Can’t they find another standard bearer?

The supporters of his agenda denigrate themselves by clinging to his coattails.

John Holthouser


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