Elections at risk

In his appearance before Congress on July 24, Robert Mueller told the American people in no uncertain terms that Russia meddled in the 2016 election for the purpose of helping Donald Trump. What is even more concerning is when Mueller told the House Judiciary Committee, “It wasn’t a single attempt. They’re doing it as we sit here. And they expect to do it during the next campaign.”

All Americans who love our country should be concerned and disturbed about the Russian attack on our democracy.

One American who appears not to be concerned is our incompetent president who did his best to derail investigations into what happened. One thousand prosecutors of both parties think he absolutely obstructed justice in his derailing attempt. Trump thinks the whole Russian thing is a hoax. At the June G-20 meeting in Japan, Trump was asked by a reporter to tell Russian President Vladimir Putin not to meddle in American elections. With a smile on his face, the president turned to Putin and said, “Don’t meddle in the election.” Putin smiled. I bet Putin was thinking, “What a fool!”

It is very alarming that Republicans are not joining with Democrats to pass legislation aimed to strengthen election security. On July 25, the Republican-controlled Senate would not even bring up House-passed legislation to help prevent foreign interference in our elections. Republicans appear to be afraid of earning Trump’s wrath.

Trump and all Republicans who keep cowering to Trump deserve to be defeated in 2020.

Rudy Diamond


Very revealing

Two letters in the July 24 Readers’ Forum are very revealing about what I would call the typical conservative point of view.

In the first, “Never ending,” the writer complains about all the letters from your readers that point out President Trump’s flawed character — in particular, his lying and his racism. Rather than criticize these letters’ content and defend Trump’s words and actions, the writer dismisses them as “rants.”

The writer concludes that Trump is accomplishing “exactly what he was elected to do.”

I doubt the writer would concede that Trump was elected to lie or promote his racist views, but I wonder what he thinks he elected Trump to do and why he wouldn’t state precisely what it was.

In the other letter, “U.S. anarchy,” the writer complains that nobody follows Trump’s orders.

The writer seems unaware that the executive branch — Trump’s domain — is only one branch of government. There is also the legislative branch and the judicial branch.

In America, we don’t elect dictators to give orders. If the president commands something unlawful, we expect the other branches to stop him.

Unfortunately, the legislative branch does not take its responsibility seriously. Thank goodness for the judicial branch.

Neither of these writers seems concerned with truth or even traditional American values. They just want everyone to bow to Holy Trump. He is indeed the leader of a cult, and a dangerous one at that.

Evan Fisher


Mueller testimony

So the big takeaway from special counsel Robert Mueller’s testimony before House committees on July 24 was that he was old and frail. He seemed confused by some of the long-winded questions, and had to refer to his notes in order to answer questions about the Mueller report that he had overseen while it was being written.

I am kidding! His testimony once more revealed that first, President Trump was not exonerated. Second, that Russia played a part in getting him elected.

Do Sens. Richard Burr and Thom Tillis or Rep. Virginia Foxx, as my elected officials who are responsible for election integrity, have a problem with this? If they do nothing to avert this unfathomable threat, they are complicit. The American people and history will not remember them kindly. It is morally bankrupt to do nothing.

I urge Burr, Foxx and Tillis to secure our elections and hold Trump accountable for his actions.

Steve Tuch


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