Worship is essential

My thanks to President Trump for declaring houses of worship to be essential on May 22. Of course they are! We knew this all along. It’s shameful that we had to take the Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper to court to get the rights that we already possess.

My church means everything to me. I go there to be healed, not to get a disease.

I don’t need the government to tell me when, where and how to worship. That’s between God and me.

Matthew Luie


Rebelling recklessly

The churches across the nation that are rebelling against their governors’ lockdown orders reminded me of a very important Bible passage:

“Let every person be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God. Therefore whoever resists the authorities resists what God has appointed, and those who resist will incur judgment. For rulers are not a terror to good conduct, but to bad.” — Romans 13:1-3.

I suppose “governing authorities” only applies to the “governing authorities” they like, though, right?

So not only are they endangering their fellow Christians, but they’re rebelling against God.

Gov. Roy Cooper is trying to keep people alive. But the Rev. Ron Baity and others like him don’t care. They don’t care about other people; they don’t care about setting a good example for the community. They’re just little children who have to have their way. God, please save me from your followers.

Lonnie Kirkman


Punishing Burr?

In dismissing the idea that President Trump might be trying to hurt Sen. Richard Burr as a “conspiracy theory” (“Burr’s troubles,” May 20) you’ve probably forgotten that during his investigation of possible ties between the Trump campaign and Russian operatives, Burr issued a subpoena to Donald Trump Jr. That would contribute to Trump’s desire to see Burr punished.

I’m reluctant to believe in conspiracy theories myself — but here’s Trump, saying that Gen. Michael Flynn is innocent when three years ago he fired Flynn for lying. What’s up with that? I really wouldn’t put anything past Trump.

Trump is notoriously averse to being held responsible for anything. He won’t release his tax returns, he won’t testify under oath, he won’t allow members of his administration to testify under oath and he’s firing inspectors general left and right. I guess he has too much to hide.

Like, maybe, a plot to punish Burr for daring to cross him? He wouldn’t be the first to create such a plot.

Mel H. Henderson


A gross mistake

I have never thought we should have shut businesses down from the beginning of this pandemic — a very unpopular statement that I’ve made.

We have been convinced by our elected officials and the media we are all going to die if we don’t close. Essential businesses were left to stay open, but I thought all businesses were essential or why are they open?

We have probably done as much harm keeping everything closed. Not to sound insensitive, but people die every day.

I have been a member of the YMCA for almost 20 years. Keeping gyms closed, in my opinion, is a gross mistake. Members who frequent gyms or fitness centers are very concerned about their health and well-being. We wipe the machines before and after using them, even before this predicament. I’m sure they’ll be wiped even more vigorously now.

The YMCA has kept me very healthy as I’ve recently turned 80 years. I ask Dr. Mandy Cohen or Gov. Roy Cooper if they have visited one of the YMCA facilities. I think they may be surprised how clean they are.

If I’m kept away from my Y until Phase 2 is over, I wonder if I will return, although I do miss the wonderful friends I’ve made there. I’m willing to return today even with the chance of catching the virus over dying of boredom.

That’s only my humble opinion and I have been wrong once or twice. But now the gods have spoken.

Art Frauenhofer


Not taking the pill

The term “Third World country” is used to describe a country that is not developed as much as other countries and faces economic, social, political, environmental and other issues. We meet the economic, social and environmental criteria and our president has fulfilled the “other issues.”

If the president is telling the truth about taking hydroxychloroquine, it will be one of maybe three times he has told the truth since taking the office of presidency. I, for one, do not believe one word of it.

When a young man dodges military draft during war time, it is not because of heel spurs. For that same man to turn around 50-some years later and ingest a medication that he doesn’t need, against medical advice, and that has the potential to take his life ... he’s not taking the pill. He’s telling us he is and in his eyes it’s a win-win. He gets more adulation for his heroics from his supporters for his bravery while not running the risk of dying. He’s not taking the pill.

Judy Bell


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