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“I don’t do cover-ups,” said the president who secretly paid off porn stars, secretly tried to negotiate a business deal in Russia while running for president, secretly ordered staff members to lie and refuses to release his secret tax returns (“3 minutes: Meeting with Trump goes bust in a flash,” May 23). That reminds me of the time Richard Nixon said, “I am not a crook.”

Maybe Trump is just not cut out for this whole president thing. Congress might do him a favor by impeaching him.

Josie Hall


The demands

Local politicians listen to small groups of protesters who represent identity-based special interests and make demands on city government. So, the city removes a statue and hides it. The city plans to change the name of a fair. Some local governments change the names of streets.

What happens next? Will the City of Winston-Salem burn the books? Will it demand that relics, music, art and documents of the Old South be confiscated and destroyed? Will Mayor Allen Joines order the Social Justice Polizei to invade our homes on Kristallnacht and seize mementos handed down by generations of family members? Will these demands ever stop?

Fort Bragg is the largest military installation in the world. It is named for Braxton Bragg, a general in the Confederate States Army. Soon the NAACP, the Ministers Conference and the Winston-Salem City Council will be demanding that the name of Fort Bragg be changed to Fort Al Sharpton. Smash all norms and politicize everything!

Pat Blankenship


Conservative columnists

I think it’s hilarious that the writer of the May 22 letter “No more Rubin” calls columnist Jennifer Rubin “a left-wing liberal” when she’s actually among a number of conservative columnists — like George Will, Michael Gerson and Max Boot — who were simply too smart to join the cult of Trump.

As for “bashes our president, our government and Republicans,” does the letter writer realize that he’s reading the opinion page? Is he upset that Cal Thomas and Marc Thiessen bash our president (at times), our government and Democrats?

I’ve heard conservatives say that Theodore Roosevelt and George W. Bush weren’t “real” conservatives. They stand ready to reject their own whenever they deviate from the party line the slightest bit. Any day now, they’ll start saying that Ronald Reagan, who proposed amnesty for illegal immigrants, wasn’t a “real” conservative.

I find Rubin to be intelligent, insightful and genuine. In short, she’s worth reading. Conservatives should claim her, not reject her. She makes them look better. Thanks for running her columns.

Tommy H. Simmons



“I’m an extremely stable genius. OK?” President Trump said on May 23 while lining his staff members up to praise him in response to his well-publicized temper tantrum.

Who talks about themselves that way? Not extremely stable geniuses.

Ricky S. Phillips


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