Lack of leadership

This is to address the lack of leadership on the Winston-Salem City Council. The members we have now do not listen to the power of the voters. Council members Dan Besse, Annette Scippio and D.D. Adams need to go. James Taylor, through abstaining, voted yes.

The name change for the Dixie Classic Fair should have been put on a referendum. We are to the point that if someone complains or feels slighted, they cause a commotion and get their way.

The same thing happened in Chapel Hill with the “Silent Sam” statue. The city of Winston-Salem quietly took down the Confederate statue downtown without notice to the public — a lack of due process.

As the saying goes, “Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

People want to remove anything that has a connotation of the South. We should not have to pay the price for something that happened over 140 years ago. For the two council members who had the backbone to stand up for their constituents, John Larson and Jeff MacIntosh: Thank you.

Charles Trottier


Just a fair

My take on the name of the county fair: I’m from New York and this is so boring. People go on and on about things that are older than the people who are complaining about it.

This is what you do with fair name: Name it after the county that it is in. Forsyth, Stokes, Surry, whatever county it is in, name it after that county. All these people that would like the name changed to another name, let them come up with the money to change all the documents that are involved with the name changing — then let’s see how many people love the name “Dixie.”

This will cost taxpayers a ton of money. Some people just like to complain about anything.

In New York, whatever county the fair was in, that was the name of the fair. If it was the state fair, it was the New York State Fair. How simple is that?

Just get over whatever bothers you about the fair name and go have fun; it is just a fair.

Ken Patierno


Trump’s reaction

President Trump has called women “ugly,” “fat pigs,” “dogs” and worse. He called American football players “sons of bitches.” He’s bad-mouthed everyone from the late Sen. John McCain to German chancellor Angela Merkel.

But when Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen said his plan to buy Greenland was “absurd,” he said her comment was “nasty” and canceled his trip to Denmark.

What a snowflake.

Seriously, what kind of person does this? Only a blustery bully with a fragile ego.

It’s been said before and it’ll be said again: Trump is not fit to be president.

Rodney Page



Has President Trump’s insanity finally reached the tipping point? Can Christian Trump supporters everywhere finally see this pretender president for what he is: an ego-driven delusional narcissist who is the greatest danger this country has ever faced?

His pronouncements last week were outrageous: Retweeting a message comparing himself to “the King of Israel” and “the second coming of God.” And claiming, “I am the Chosen One” as he piously pointed to the heavens. There is not a pious cell in his body.

That any Christian could support this human antithesis of Jesus Christ is mind-boggling. He cheerfully breaks every one of the Ten Commandments. He proudly defies the teachings of Jesus. He is a serial adulterer and he hates anyone not like him. He is a crook (“It’s only business!”), a compulsive liar, a destroyer of families, and un-American in the worst ways. He takes from the poor and gives to the rich. And yet, Republicans, particularly fundamentalist Christians, support him blindly. Why?

Maybe my 94-year-old mother is right — she is convinced he is the AntiChrist.

Susan Pflug

Mount Airy

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