Solving the problems

“Ask not what your country can do for you — ask what you can do for your country” ... words spoken by President John F. Kennedy. These words are very powerful.

Many thanks to all who serve our country. They go places to bring peace, hope and truth. Some lose their lives, some are wounded in body, heart, mind, soul and spirit.

A president of the United States should be out and about, seeing what he can do for our country, not saying the things I am hearing — degrading, cussing and trying to be a mob boss, stirring up people and saying this is OK.

It is very painful to see that there are government leaders who have no passion for their job. They should see what our state needs and help solve the problems.

I hope we can get a new president who can reach out and bring healing to our country. Ask someone if they need help. Let’s get back to a real America.

James Fleming


President Trump?

So, according to Energy Secretary Rick Perry (in a recent interview on Fox News, of course), President Trump is God’s chosen one? Donald Trump? God would choose someone like Trump to represent him?

If God can’t do any better that a greedy, racist, blustery sexual predator and adulterer to represent him, then God isn’t half as powerful as he’s thought to be.

Look, I get the concept: even a flawed leader can do God’s will. But Trump isn’t just flawed; he has no redeeming qualities. King David had flaws, but he was “a man after God’s own heart,” Scripture says — and when David was called out for his sin, he repented.

Trump is a man after Gordon Gekko’s own heart. He’s vain, he’s a liar, he’s purposely cruel. He praises murderous dictators like North Korea’s Kim Jong Un and Saudi Prince Mohammad bin Salman — while trying to punish people who do good, like humanitarian Scott Walker. He’s OK with having white supremacist Stephen Miller on his staff. Should we really expect God to choose someone so morally decrepit to represent him?

And Trump repent? Don’t make me laugh.

If Christians can justify following this “chosen one,” then Christians can justify literally any kind of behavior — including abortion. Including anything they think Hillary Clinton did wrong.

It’s just so sad to see Christians abandon moral standards for political gain.

Monty Owen


Impeachment decision

First let me say I am a registered Democrat, and I did not vote for President Trump.

When he was elected our president, I gave him my support, as he is our commander in chief. When the Democrats won the U.S. House and some of them said impeach the president, I was against it.

The president also started saying horrible things about the late Sen. John McCain, who was a decorated war hero and former POW. McCain worked with both parties on doing what was right for the people.

The president has lied constantly and has been caught in his lies. Then the whistleblower came out and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi initiated the investigation on possible impeachment. I read the entire transcripts of the hearings and watched all of the live open hearings.

After everything, even though I was never in favor of impeachment, I came to the conclusion and decision that the president should be impeached. What he did was wrong and not good for our country.

I know the Democrats will all go for impeachment and I hope the Republicans will own up and admit what the president did was wrong and he should be removed from office.

I know that there will be a lot of people who do not like my decision, but it is my decision.

RuthAnn Houk-Millhollin


An ecological safe zone

I’m usually in lock-step with Winston-Salem City Council Member Dan Besse, but not today. Regarding the Nov. 25 article “Nature in Limbo,” Besse says the Crossnore property is not “environmentally unique.”

But wait: The headwaters of Peters Creek are located up on that hill. That fact alone makes the property environmentally unique, does it not? It’d be a crying shame to ignore the fate of another important waterway in our city. Additionally, the farm is home to myriad native plant and animal species that are dependent on us to make good decisions and maintain an ecological safe zone in the face of progress.

We need to be fast learners. Let’s move forward with renewed awareness for the way we are connected not only to each other, but to that precious and sacred ground. We’re not making more land, you see. Let’s learn from our mistakes this time. There truly is room for all.

Lynn Byrd


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