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Partisan gerrymandering

I disagree with the recent decision of the U.S. Supreme Court when it failed to strike down the practice of partisan gerrymandering in drawing voting districts (“Justices: Courts have no role in election maps,” June 28).

In writing for the majority, Chief Justice Roberts stated that the decision of the court does not condone partisan gerrymandering, but that resolving this issue was beyond the reach and capability of federal courts and the Supreme Court. I fear that this decision spells serious consequences for our country. The result of partisan gerrymandering is that the votes of some citizens carry more weight than the votes of other citizens. This is not democracy.

Referring the resolution of this issue to state legislatures, as the court suggested, is disingenuous, since many of these legislatures are controlled by representatives who are in power largely because of gerrymandering. Even worse, the Supreme Court gave license to these same legislatures to increase their use of partisan gerrymandering (cracking and packing) when they redraw voting districts after the completion of the 2020 census.

John Brame


That’s it

During the June 27 Democratic debate, when asked about providing health care for illegal immigrants, candidate Pete Buttigieg, the mayor of South Bend, Ind., said: “Our country is healthier when everybody is healthier.”

“This is not about a handout,” he said. “This is an insurance program and we do ourselves no favors by having 11 million undocumented people in our country be unable to access health care.”

That makes sense. Even to someone who is anti-immigration, that should make sense.

But some will still resist. They’d rather risk their own children getting sick than allow an illegal immigrant to get a break.

Incidentally, it’s not illegal immigrants who drive up the cost of health care. It’s greedy insurance companies. It’s greedy pharmaceutical companies. It’s the whole health care system, which exists, not to make Americans’ health great, but to make a profit. If you give someone the authority to milk you for dollars, they will.

President Trump said the other day that only Republicans would preserve coverage for pre-existing conditions and that Democrats would destroy health care. But Trump’s administration is in court right now trying to eliminate coverage for pre-existing conditions.

Only Democrats have ever done anything to improve Americans’ health care. The only way this country is going to solve its health care problem is by electing Democrats.

That’s it.

Phil Ronald Turner


It’s all true

I was made curious by the July 7 letter “A vile cartoon” criticizing the July 1 cartoon on the Journal’s opinion page, so I went to the recycling and pulled it out.

The cartoon said that the immigration camps are the border are not, repeat, are not, concentration camps. It went on to say that they had things in common, though, including that ethnic minorities were imprisoned in them after the leader of a powerful government called them animals, separated them from their children and families and declared them enemies of a nation.

These statements are all true. There’s not a word or illustration in the cartoon that is false or distorted. In fact, some have praised President Trump for making it so. They think these are “deterrents” to illegal immigration.

Also this past week, some people got offended by tennis shoes and some got offended by the skin color of an actress chosen to portray a cartoon character.

If those seem trivial, imagine being offended by the truth — so offended that one feels the need to object to the newspaper that printed it.

Barney Harper


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