Trump’s mistakes

I want to be as kind and generous as I can in judging whether President Trump did anything wrong. But I can’t ignore these thoughts:

If Trump truly, sincerely thought that Joe Biden and Hunter Biden had done something wrong, he should have referred his concerns to the FBI, then walked away — especially considering what happened in 2016, when he got in so much trouble for soliciting election assistance from Russia. Now it just looks like he was trying to injure Biden, who was beating him in polls. Is Trump incapable of learning from his mistakes?

He also should not have delayed our military assistance to Ukraine — for which he has given contradictory rationales. Doing so just makes him look guilty.

And his follow-up statements and tweets, calling the whistleblower — whom Joseph Maguire, the acting director of national intelligence, vouches for — a traitor and a spy and suggesting he should be executed, and retweeting a threat of civil war should he be proved guilty — it all just makes him look either guilty or deranged.

Trump’s biggest problem may be his arrogance. He never listens to anyone else and he never considers the repercussions of his words and actions. He must truly believe he’s a “very stable genius,” despite all the evidence to the contrary.

Trump is 73 years old. He’s been around. He should know better. If he’s innocent of the allegations, he’s still too dumb to be president.

Charlie B. Reece


Preserve this land

I’d like to thank Scott Sexton for his Sept. 17 column, “Treasure hunt turns up history on Children’s Home,” detailing the work of Brad Rauschenberg’s efforts to catalog and preserve the history of Winston-Salem’s most iconic property. The Crossnore School & Children’s Home property offers Winston-Salem something unique among its peer cities in North Carolina, our own “Central Park” as I like to say.

To readers, it may appear his reference to Piedmont Land Conservancy’s “intervention to buy development rights to part of the campus” is a done deal. To clarify, it is not: The Peace of Land Capital Campaign has attracted many dedicated supporters to raise the funds needed for PLC to establish the conservation easement and we still have $2 million to raise by the end of 2019.

I serve as the chair of this campaign and believe this property, along with PLC’s conservation efforts, are a huge win for all of us: the children served at Crossnore, the land itself and all the residents of Winston-Salem. We must not assume that someone else will make this happen. If we are not careful, we will lose our once in a lifetime chance to preserve this land. I invite you to join us and support this important project.

Michael Hough


Nothing there

So President Trump decided he was going to investigate corruption. But he didn’t want to investigate corruption among his pals, the Saudis and the Russians; he decided to investigate corruption in Ukraine — corruption that, just by coincidence, would implicate his political rival, Joe Biden.

His own Homeland Security officials told him that the alleged corruption had been investigated and there was nothing there. The Ukrainians told him that the alleged corruption had been investigated and there was nothing there. But that wasn’t enough for a very stable genius. He’s opposed to corruption, and by God, he’s going to find it. He hates corruption.

If anyone believes that, please contact me. I’ve got a nice tower in New York City I’d like to sell you. (It’s big! Very big!)

Buddy Osborne


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